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Update.rpf - which settings affect texture colors?

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I am a bit of a newbie in this area, but I can at least work with OpenIV without problems. I am using Pinnacle of V (PoV) 1.8.1 mod and its installed successfully. I use only default/vanilla ENB preset + default/vanilla ReShade preset (with some sharpening) and I want the vanilla texture colors, but with PoV's enhanced textures, lighting, AI, etc. By default PoV makes texture colors, such as foliage/grass/tree/bush colors, overly bright, even when ENB and/or ReShade are not used. I am trying to figure out which internal file controls colors.


I THINK I narrowed it down to Update.rpf file. When I move this file out of my GTA \ Mods folder (to some random directory), I think I get the improved textures, but with basic colors. As soon as I place this file back into Mods folder, colors become overly bright. I wonder whether its VisualSettings.dat file that controls colors...


I only want to remove the color-affecting files, but I want the rest of Update.rpf goodies on my PC. I am pretty sure that TIME CYCLE files control LOD draw distance. Vanilla LOD draw distance is short and I see textures popping on building 200ft away from me, even though I use Very High settings for just about everything, except for Grass and PostFX. With PoV, LOD draw distance is drastically better!


Bottom-line: I need to know which Update.rpf files or which single file within controls brightness, contrast, gamma, and other color-related aspects.





Are there any other really graphics mods, like 4K texture mods that I can add on top of PoV?




EDIT: LOL, I think its the VisualSettings.dat file after all!

Edited by MonarchX

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