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Original Light

Ocean View Hotel interior still exists from the original Vice City?

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Original Light

Hey guys.


I was on GTA Wikia, and I found something very interesting.


"The hotel's full interior still exists in VCS, although trainers are required to see it. The interior is the same as it was in VC, only with lower textures. The items that appear after certain missions appear in Tommy's room (the telephone, hidden packages, the poster of Claude, the hockey mask from 'The Job', etc). Entering the interior will, however, cause the game to become glitchy and slower, as it wasn't intended to be entered at all. Even the two songs that played in the hotel from Radio Espantoso still play on the same loop from the original Vice City."


Full article: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Ocean_View_Hotel


Could someone with a trainer on the PSP version confirm this? If so, could you take some pictures or even better, a video? I think it would be very cool to see.


Edited by Original Light

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>believing the gtawikia

Unless they have actual cited sources, their claims have hardly any validity in them.

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Just checked it, it's not true. The only thing that's behind the door is the wall/black space you'd see from outside the building in VC. Removed false info from the page.


Looking south



Looking north



That wall/black space I talked about



Roof area also empty



Weird wall under the building



Weird area in building next door.


Edited by WildBrick142

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Original Light

Thanks for confirming that this isn't true. I had a feeling.

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