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Benny's Expansion DLC Idea


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Hello everyone.I would like to itroduce to you my new dlc idea for GTA Online.Let´s get straight into this.

Are you sick of lowriders?Do you think that Benny has more to offer?You are not alone.Sultan RS and Banshee 900R are the best cars I have seen in gta so far and I would like to see more.Here are cars that could be really awesome if they were find they're way to Benny´s.

(Before you will start reading,please excuse my English and help me correct my mistakes if you can.I'am from Czech Republic and English is not my native language.Thanks)

Benny's Expansion Part 1

Annis Elegy RH5
Older brother of Elegy RH8 is coming to Los Santos.This beautiful car has lot to offer.Take this car to Benny's shop to see potencial of this beauty and transer this into Elegy RS50.ChXokYxWwAAYk8C.jpg

ChXoIHqW0AEH3ON.jpgDinka Merry
Graceful curves and sleek look are the main reason why you have to purchase this car.Take this car for a night ride or even better,take it to Bennys and transfer it into Merry CR5.

Karin Kardes
This is really one of a kind vehicle.The people of Los Santos will admire your car.If you want to make your car even more intrigued,transfer it into Kardes K1.

Pfister Comet 812G
Do you think that you know Comet quite well?Do not underestimate this car,it can suprise you.Especially if you take it to Benny's shop.

Karin Kuruma XE
Even a very good car can be better if you will take it into Benny's.With this enhancement , you will see your enemies only in the rearview mirror.

Benny's Expansion Part 2
A lot of people would not look at this car twice.Thank goodness Benny is not like other people.Give this car a chance and transfom it into BF CLUB SC21.

Vapid Uranus
You may think,what is this crap?That car is old,but it does not mean it is not good.Benny knows this and he can remake this car into Vapid Uranus RC.

Karin Reven
Directly from the land of the rising sun here comes this wonderful car.If you think it's not good enough,take this car to Benny's and transform it to Reven 7R.

ChXoiKPWIAAl0kB.jpgKarin Futo DK
Drift King is back and this time with more power.Sliding around the corners will be better than ever.Benny knows what he's doing.

Maibatsu Penumbra SSV
Last but not least,Penumbra strikes back with the new version.This car is ideal for car meets.

New features
Fukaru Nitrous System
Do you know what these cars have in common?All these cars can use nitrous.You can chose between 4 types of nitrous systems.Smaller capacity with faster renewal or larger capacity with slower renewal?That is up to you.


Drift Races

Do you think that you are the best drifter in Los Santos?Prove it in this new type of race.Gain drift points by sliding around the corners in high speed and become a Drift King of LS.


New Buying system
From now on, you dont have to buy every component individualy.Just assemble your dream car and pay up when you leave.Of course,you will see total cost of your customization.

If you like my concept ,I will be incredibly happy for sharing.If you have any ideas or improvements , please write them.And once again I apologize for my English.

Staff edit: Added Concept tag.

Edited by TheUnderground
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Nicely put together.

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US Marshal1911

It's a nice concept and well thought but...

No more Benny's cars for a while please. Contact missions or major content release first.

Edited by US Marshal1911
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You know the way to my heart.

But the Uranus should be the Foxbody/Cosworth mashup it was from IV. :)

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Thanks :) I was not sure what car choose for the Uranus :)

Edited by TheUnderground
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I'm all for it. All of this. Nitrous should be available for nearly everything. Add superchargers too.

Edited by _Celldweller
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Dinka Merry


Should be the Dinka Jester X30.


Reference to the Ax model variants of Supras.

Edited by XisPlz88
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Awesome idea man.

Loved all the pics showing the vehicles.


And like XisPls, I was gonna suggest renaming the Dinka Merry to Dinka Jester *something*, as the Jester in SA was based in the Toyota Supra.

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While you're at it you could also rename the Karin Reven into Karin ZR350 - from San Andreas too... Only appeared in SA, that's a shame. The only car with pop-up lights.

Edited by LarcenousUrsine
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Konata Inoue

What? What did you just do????


No. no. no. no. no. no.


Not the Dinka "Merry" It should be the Dinka Jester.



Though this is a good idea!

Edited by DM98xKONATA
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I really like it. But there are some cars that should be added, such as the Coquette and the Massacro.


And BIKES. We need the option to customize bikes at Bennies! More bikes would also be sweet, such as the Bajaj Pulsar NS200, but being able to trick out your motorcycle is one of my most wanted features.

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Thanks for the support :) I originally wanted to name it Jester,but I was not sure about that.LarcenousUrsine I like your idea to. :)

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I would like to add leveled drift handlings (adequate to hydraulics for lowriders).

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