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Using the stock market very early game.

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If i remember correctly you can use the stock market before lester tells you about it.

Is it possible to turn early money in millions using the stock market? The old, buy low sell high. Take, say, the jeweler heist money on frank and mike run it through the stock market and turn that into a few million?

My goal here is to buy properties very early on in the game and have them make money as the game went on, instead of buying them last when i already have billions.

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there are a few ways to make cash pretty early...


every new game of GTA V sort of has a few 'bull' and 'bear' stocks... soon as you start a new game, you can sort the stocks and there will always be a one that is massively crashed like -90%, and a few others around 50% and then 30%. some of these will be scripted to go up all game... there will be volatility but in general they have a set trend.


also, a lot of story events of scripted crashes and recoveries... Lifeinvader is the first. it never really recovers most of its crash but it does go back up and you can usually make 25-50% on it. every heist too... so Vangelico for Heist 1, Cluckin Bell for Heist 4.


you can always make money on the Bawsaq too... there's no real way to predict it but you can choose to 'save scum' it too (when you're doing playing for the night, save the game... then buy X stock, save in another file... reload first save, buy Y stock, save in a 3rd file.. then next day, you got a few different save files that each have a different Bawsaq stock -- pick the best one. this only works for Bawsaq since it's random in real time so stocks will change while you're not playing.


there used to be some pretty reliable Bawsaq stocks I know a lot of people here always bought Piswasser and HAL haha easy money but I never pay attention to it anymore.

by the way, the properties will never really make a return on investment... you'd probably need to play 500-600 hours before the best couple even come close. I think it was Smoke on the Water that's the highest, and then probably... Hen House or something. I think my game file is something like 400 hours and Smoke on the Water is the only one that's even close, which has made about 60-70% of my investment back... while most of the big ones (theatres, etc) have barely made back 20%. (excluding the arms trafficking just because I do that a crap load just for fun... provide quick fun shootouts).


that said, it's still more fun to buy some of the properties earlier in the game just because they give you more things to do. financially it's always better to save your money to invest in all the stock market 'events' though (heists, assassination missions, etc).

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The Other Dude

I don't think there really is a way to make enough money early on in the game to afford the properties. On my second playthrough of the game, I invested in penny stocks on the BAWSAQ and each character got the maximum amount of money before I was even halfway in the game. Unfortunately R* stopped updating it so you're out of luck there. I recently used the investment guide that was created by forum members and made enough money to be able to afford the mandatory properties for Franklin and Trevor mid-way through the storyline. However, you have to do this as you play throughout the story and you only get the most out of it toward the end of the game.


Here it is: http://gtaforums.com/topic/642910-guide-stock-market-assassination-missions-guide/

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( spoilers if needed) I have just started a new play through of GTA5. I like to take the story slow and explore the city and country. What I have observe is that the stock prices does not really move before the jewelry store heist. I will suggest waiting after you get the money from the jewelry store job before starting making money from the stock market. After the the jewelry heist the stock price will drop alot and rise fast. After 2 heists and 1 assassnation\ stock tips, and random- hitch1\ stock tip Mike has 60mil, Trevor has 3 mil, and Frank has 2mil. Continue with the story,as Mike, 11 tennis matches\ stock spread out through the story, golf\ stocks,the waste collection\ stock market, and espilon program money\stocks. Frank racing\ stocks, golf\ stocks and towing vehicle\ stocks. As Trevor, tennis\ stocks, golf\ stocks arms traffic\ stocks, and bounty hunt\ stocks. All buy story stock tips, and assassination after heists. Buy all properties from cheapest to expensive throughout the story. Before the big score, should have all properties, assassinations, and lots of money. I do not play a lot daily, but this the way I play GTA5.

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there's a bug too where you can basically make your billions too if you're using the original version of the game on PS4.... but it was fixed a couple months after release. we actually discovered the bug here on GTAF and NeoGAF haha pretty easy to google a tutorial for it. i have a video of it but i do a s*** job of explaining it so googling someone else's would be better. but it's a bug which kinda 'breaks' what little value money has in SP so I never use it and sounds like you'd have more fun no using cheat codes/bugs to play the game/make money

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Yeah, I do not use cheats or bug to make money. The way I play works very well. The key for me is to do random- bike thief\ stock tip as Mike and 3 tennis matches\ LCN stock before jewelry store heist. After Mike received 1 mil from jewelry store heist do random- hitch 1\stock tip after scouting the port. Finish 8 tennis matches\ 8 LCN stock before hood safari. After hood safari do hotel assassination, Mike always get 60mil for me. Do 1 solo golf\ LCN stock as Mike before blitz play heist. After blitz play heist, do multi- target assassination. For me Mike always have 200-300 mil. Continue with the story, use stock market once in a while, story stock tips,the vice assassination/paleto bay heist, and the last two assassination after raiding the fib HQ. By doing this way I want all the cheap properties and movie theaters done before the story mission meltdown. I always say Mike, because I have a hard time making money of the stock market as Franklin and Trevor.

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