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[REL|V] FPS Booster


Recommended Posts

The Grand Theft Auto V FPS Booster is a batch-based tool that was originally designed for some friends, but I decided to upload it (and update it) in hopes of helping other players have stable frames-per-second.

NOTICE: The FPS booster was made help players get more FPS out of their hardware. This can useful on most computers. This includes an optional settings.xml and documentation to help users get better frames on lower end machines and to help them get a better understanding how the tool works (and how you can edit / configure it to your needs)

Use in Grand Theft Auto Online - This tool does not modify the game at all . it is entirely safe to player Online. This tool just stops unneeded services / programs and sets the game's priority to a higher setting.


--Tested hardware listed below--


  • Settings_dx10.xml
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512MB Vram
  • 3 GB DDR2 RAM
  • AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor 2.50Ghz
  • (Boosted FPS from 8-11 to 15-24)
  • Settings_dx10.xml
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • ATI Radeon 4300/4500 Series 512MB VRAM
  • 4 GB DDR2 RAM
  • Pentium Dual-Core CPU ES400 2.7 GHz
  • (Boosted FPS from 8-13 FPS to 15-20 FPS)
  • Original settings.xml
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Nvidia GTX 660 SC
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel Core i5 quad core 3.4Ghz
  • (Boosted FPS from 20-30 FPS to 45+ FPS)
  • Original settings.xml
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Nvidia GTX 980ti 6GB Vram
  • 24GB DDR4 ram
  • Intel Core i7-4770K Quad-Core 4.0GHz
  • (Boosted FPS from 120-140 FPS to 150-155)
  • Original settings.xml
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB VRAM
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz 8 Core
  • (Fixed stuttering)


Change log

  • 1.3 - Updated priority changer. Updated extra_scripts. TXT files are now HTML to fix formatting. All txt files have been moved to documentation\old text files.
  • 1.2.2 - Made it easier to understand how to stop services and programs. Fixed the non-steam / retail version not being able to work when the game is installed to a directory that is not in C:\
  • 1.2.1 - Fixed bugs with USER_STOP_SCRIPT and extra_scripts (thanks to R2Guy). Fixed and added more options for all_launcher.
  • 1.2 - Added a new script to give the user the option to choose what services and programs to stop. Added a new launcher for custom game launchers. Added more error checks. Added a few hidden settings in extra_scripts. Added the option to the change the services and programs in extra_scripts. Fixed extra_scripts being unable to detect UAC setting when it is turned off. Updated readme and other info that was not update in 1.1
  • 1.1 - Added saving answers. Added error checks alert the user of errors. Updated extra_scripts. Dropped Non_Steam_GTAVLauncher and START_GTAV_WITH OUT STOPING ANY THING (will not be updated further). Added a list of CPU speeds in documentation. Added an OS check to only show changed themes on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Added "restore theme" option Windows 7. Added an option to restart GTA V when you have exited the game.
  • 1.0 - Fixed missing code that caused Windows Update to not restart. Fixed overlapping I/O error from the STOP and RESTORE scripts by adding a 1 second wait timer for each service being started/stopped. Fixed GTA5.exe being set to high priority and not just above normal. Fixed RETAIL_LAUNCHER not being able to CD to your GTA V folder (you may still need to change it). Cleaned up the readme. Cleaned up the folder. Updated the settings.xml. Updated documentation. Updated SPEED_BOOSTER. Updated RETAIL_LAUNCHER. Updated and cleaned the standalone Non_Steam_GTAVLauncher. Updated RESTORE_SCRIPT to not open a new window for each service and added /y so if it asked you if you you if it wanted to start it, it will just do it. Added more services and programs to stop. Added Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 services and programs to the list. Misc fixes.
  • 0.9.2 - Added screenshots to the documentation folder NVIDIA and ATI/AMD control panel. Added some new scripots and moved them to the script_files folder. Added a new script to help users with low RAM.
  • 0.9.1 - Added a change log. Fixed the PDF file and changed the timer from 60 to 120 to fix the slow Social Club start due to the process being set to low priority.
  • 0.6 - Added the wait for GTA V to close before starting restore script.
  • 0.5 - Added stop and restore scripts to the start script.
  • 0.1 to 0.4 - Started working on the tool and first foot steps.

Disclaimer ~ I am not responsible for any goof-ups / damage done to your operating system. This was testted on multiple operating systems with different users and hardware, so it should be up-to-snuff.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to list them below.

Edited by MRxSNIPES2
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1.3 should be available shortly on GTA5-mods.com


New changes include: Updated priority changer. Updated extra_scripts. TXT files are now HTML to fix formatting. All txt files have been moved to documentation\old text files.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nice program but


From list test


  • Settings_dx10.xml
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512MB Vram
  • 3 GB DDR2 RAM
  • AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor 2.50Ghz
  • (Boosted FPS from 8-11 to 15-24)

For my on latest patch PC version when was tasting GTA V on my old pc - i have tweaked services ,system ,graphic setting nvidia - and GTA V is good optimized then GTA IV was (But on that same pc witch also get stable playable fps - whn i tweak game have much more fps)

My PC:

Windows 7 U SP1 x64

Core2duo E6550 2.53


GeForce 9500GT 512 DDR3


My pc have only tweaked services ,disabled ,scan hdd ,nvidia setting from quality set to performance etc - played on max DX10 support on on low and have 20-30fps depend the place and how much on screen render

If u optimize your pc and regulary scan ,clean ,defrag - u run all games on normal playable speed on new or also old pc no need soem programs to do that .

Prefer much more like is to boost fps option to disable trafic and peds and some post proces that u can do in all GTA 3D PC in configs

Edited by Butcher696
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