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Experience Gaming's GTA Role Play Community Recruiting!


Recommended Posts


What is Experience Gaming?

XPG is an international community of hardcore gamers who have come together to maximize the gaming experience and always have a group of like minded individuals always available to do it with. XPG is the essence of the true gaming experience, and is looking for creative minds to share it with.


What does “XPG” do?

Anything in games that can be done… We host role-play sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online; we are assembling a Battlefield 4 Platoon for Military and Tactic Simulations; we are doing a little bit of both activities within Tom Clancy’s The Division; and we are even pushing for more. Projects in development include triple-A titles such as GTAIV-LCPDFR, ARK Survival Evolved, Forza Motorsports and other racers/simulators, Elder Scrolls Online, D&D Neverwinter, even stuff like Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft. We have all kinds of forums featuring all kinds of gaming stuff…the list goes on.


What’s left to be done in Grand Theft Auto Online?

Two words…role play. Grand Theft Auto Five gave us a world full of life and teeming with possibilities. What we have done is take what is in the game and with it create an expansive world in which we essentially act. Members have developed characters with life stories, families, and even criminal records. We have Police Divisions, Businesses made from in game lore, Police Specializations like NOOSE, and even a fully developed gang and criminal world. We have taken what Rockstar gave us to create a world where you can truly simulate life and Experience GTAO. It’s mature content, and has a strict structure…but you aren’t going to find more fun in GTAV.


What are we looking to do in The Division?
We are trying to stretch out our life simulation arm into a tactical and maybe even role play style game play. Just as in GTA, we look to expand upon what is in the game to create a true Division Experience. We are currently developing Agent aspect on our XPG website and are looking for mature minds to play with. We also have a range of ideas in the development pool for The Division and we are always looking for creative minds to help further The Experience.



So what’s in this list of forums?

The GTA Experience or GTAXP has three sets of forums dedicated to cops, crooks, and civilians within a custom created word within GTAO. It’s all lore friendly and well researched and takes GTA well past the borders set by the game itself. We have Gaming News, Game and DLC Reviews, Blogs, and are even working on Walkthrough Info and FAQ forums. We have an entire page dedicated to any and all things Star Wars…games and movies alike. Forums dedicated to ESO, Battlefield, Neverwinter, The Division, and finally a set of forums for info and staff information on the creators and developers in Experience Gaming.


Is there anything notable within XPG?

I’d like to say so…we have a developing gallery built and compiled by the XPG membership over the years. GTAV has the most to show, but newer Xbox One games have galleries developing where all can show their own gaming experience.

We have Twitch Streamers and YouTube producers starting to develop within XPG, and a pretty active Twitter profile. We even have a couple Facebook pages in case they can be useful one day. And honestly, we have a really awesome host website…and while we’re on the topic…how about some links:


www.experiencegaming.org -Host Website

www.twitter.com/The_Gaming_XP - XPG Twitter Page

www.youtube.com/channel/UClpqkBA5HqeEQyX4SS4oYEg -XPG YouTube Page (formerly GTAXP YouTube Page)

www.twitch.tv/theexperiencegaming -XPG Host Twitch Channel


www.facebook.com/thegtaexperience -Our Facebook Pages…ya know? Just in case.


Well that was a lot to take in, seems like I might fit somewhere…where I can I sign up and get connected?


www.experiencegaming.org/joinus - To apply

https://join.skype.com/CqfdOCrfhpg5 - To join the XPG Skype Members Chat


The heart of XPG is young and old minds coming together to combine their creative gaming ideas to further the gaming experience for all involved. We are recruiting for everything right now, we need staff for positions such as:

Game Host

Training Officials


Streamers/Movie Producers

Graphic Artists

Website Moderators

…And gamers who want to Experience Gaming



“So that all may truly Experience Gaming.


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