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Veganism, animal rights & factory farming

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You can get all the nutrition you need from 100% non-animal based sources, the only exception might be vitamin b12, but even then that's not produced in animal tissue, it's stored. Vitamin B12 is produced by microbes.

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I’m gonna be as straight forward as possible. For vegetarians and vegans who respect my lifestyle, I am AOK with you guys. I don’t agree with senselessly killing animals for no reason. No one who can think straight does. There’s also a HUGE difference between hunting and poaching. Hunting means you kill animals LEGALLY. As far back as the time of Native Americans, there was a lot of respect that went into hunting. There were ceremonies for the animals and every part of the animal was used. Same even went for fishing, but I’ll get to that later. Poaching means you kill animals ILLEGALLY! There’s also just as big of difference between fishing and overfishing. Fishing is clearly legal and overfishing is clearly illegal. If anyone reading this STILL can’t tell the difference between hunting and poaching or fishing and overfishing, then I’m sorry but your head needs to be examined!

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I'm not sure where the focus on legal vs illegal is coming from since this is predominantly an ethics issue, which has no regard for legality. 


As with the "killing animals for no reason" thing, omni diets can be argued as doing that already. We're at a stage where plenty of people can live pretty much just as they are but without eating animal products - unless pleasure and convenience count as valid reasons, upon which it's kinda hard to argue against any form of killing animals since it can all be argued as being done for pleasure. 


Think yer gonna need more nuance. 

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