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Pacific Standard Heist - Searching for players


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I am looking for players to do the Pacific Standard Heist finale with me (this evening preferably).


More specific am I looking for a player who has the Kuruma appartment and knows the trick + 2 other players that know the trick.


The setups are already cleared so its just the heist itself.


Place your psn name in the comments so I can add you.

Hope someone will help me.

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Aunty Fascist

I do Pac Standard all the time and am willing to help, but I don't do it with Kurumas as there's no challenge there. If you end up deciding to do it on bikes and want help doing it that way, send me a friend request. (PS4) uzbachchi

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I like making money efficiently. Have nothing left to prove for me.

I haven't finished my finale since the heists came out.

I time my own exit. PS4: aznkight69

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PS4: Samurai405


I have the apartment by the bank with a kuruma in there. I am mostly online from 6-10pm PST on weekdays, maybe longer on weekends.

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Yea bro im down. Just shoot me a msg whenever you decide to get this started

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- Done the heist many times

- Have 2 kuruma inside the garage (1 for back up)

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I too am in search for atleast one other player with the garage and would be willing to host the heist multiple times. I have the house/car/setup complete.




add me PSN- B45HH

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