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Looking for Mature PS4 Players

Aunty Fascist

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Aunty Fascist

Most of my friends have stopped playing GTA. I'm not bored of it yet, but I am bored of grinding missions alone and playing with randoms. While I don't have a problem with younger players, it would be nice to have some more mature grown ups to play with, 30+ (extra points if you're even older -- I am!). I'd especially LOVE to find some other women to play with, so female gamers are particularly welcome.


I'm currently legit rank 334 but will be ranking up a lot this week due to the double RP missions. I have a mic and prefer to play with others that use mics or at least respond to spoken cues during missions. I've done a lot of grinding of Pac Standard and know it very well, prefer to play without glitches or tricks, bike carry only. I just bought a freaking yacht on sale and need to make that money up and would love to continue grinding Pac Standard with people that know what they're doing or would like to learn a very efficient way that often allows for a full carry of the money with none lost.


If we get enough good players together I'm even game for trying for the elite challenge. My friends all did theirs when I wasn't on and they don't want to go through that again, it's a lot of practice and work. I wasn't all that interested until I saw them wearing their t-shirts and now I'm jealous. haha


I've been through Criminal Mastermind for myself and helped a few other people do theirs, so that's a possibility too.


I can only play every other week due to parenting responsibilities. But the weeks I do play I can be on pretty much all day/night. In Pacific Standard Time zone.


If this sounds interesting, ping me your username and I'll send you a friend request next time I sign in to PSN. Or send me a friend request on PSN to uzbachchi and say you're from the forums.

Edited by Aunty Fascist
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Totally understand you bruh. Im all about the money too so im down to join you. Psn:xLostEntity (Not 30+ but id consider myself pretty mature)

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