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GTA 6 Vehicle Wishlist


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Posted (edited)

I’d like to see a more fleshed-out aircraft selection. 



Agusta Grand

Bell 206

Bell Sea Sioux


Eurocopter ACH130

Eurocopter AS350

Eurocopter EC135

MD 500E

MH-6 Little Bird


Mosquito XE

Robinson R44

Sikorsky Firefly

Sikorsky Sea King

Sikorsky Skycrane




Airbus ACJ220 private

Beechcraft Baron

Beechcraft Bonanza

Boeing 737


Cessna 172

Cessna Citation X

Cirrus SR22

DeHavilland Canada Beaver floatplane

DeHavilland Twin Otter floatplane

Flaris LAR01


Piper Pawnee cropduster

Pipistrel Taurus

Pitts Special


Super Tucano

Terrafugia Transition

ultralight trike

V22 Osprey

Zivko 540


edit: they should all function like personal vehicles do when purchased. I.e., customisable colours, liveries, interiors; etcetera. The registration numbers for them should work like the car reg plates as well, with personalised combinations possible. This way your private aircraft is just as personal as your car is.

Edited by éX-Driver
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Shyabang Shyabang
Posted (edited)

Lots of boats:





Edited by Shyabang Shyabang
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Every vehicle should drivable, or you should be able to at least "enter" into them, whether they actually start or function that well (wreck/beater types). I don't want to see any stationary farm vehicles or airplanes that are part of the map. More obscure utility vehicles like combine harvesters, lawn movers etc. for immersion.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

Here are my ideas of what vehicles will be in Gta VI: Now keep in Mind these are just fun predictions of mine and not serious speculation, Right Now All I can think of is Law Enforcement and Sports/Super/Muscle, But I'll edit this post later on when I have ideas for other car types. I would also love to hear your thoughts and ideas As well


Law Enforcement:

A new Vapid police suv based on the 2020 Ford Explorer and would be the most common police car in the Vice Dade, Vice city and Vice Beach Police departments 

Vapid Interceptor, based on the Taurus which was in Gta V previously 

Noose Enforcer

A new Granger for the FIB, based on the 2021 model Suburban

A Military vehicle based on the JLTV 


FH-1 Hunter





Grotti Itali RSX

New Pegassi vehicle based on the Lamborghini Sian and a new version of the Infernus based on the as of today unnamed successor to the Aventador 

Coquette D10

A new Ubermacht Sentinel based on the 2021 M3

New Karin Sports cars based on the GR 86 and 2020 Supra

Pfister Neon and A new PFister Comet based on the 992 Porsche 911

A new Overflod car based on the Koenigsegg Jesko

Truffade Nero

A new version of the Banshee based on the 2013 Viper

Coil Raiden and A new Coil car based on the 2022 Tesla Roadster

BF Raptor

New Dewbauchee cars based on the Aston Martin Valhalla and DBS Superlegerra 

A new Obey car based on the E-Tron Gt

A new Progen car based on the Mclaren Artura 

New Annis cars based on the Nissan 400Z and successor to the GTR

An updated version of the Dinka Sugoi based on the 2022 Honda Civic Type R 

A New Albany sports car based on the CT5-V

A BolloKan Sports car based on the Kia Stinger

A Electric version of the Vapid Dominator based on the Mach E

A new Vapid Dominator based on the upcoming S650 Mustang

Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire 

A new Buffalo based on the 2015 Charger

A new Vigero based on the current Camaro











Edited by RamsaySaint77
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