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GTA 6 Vehicle Wishlist


Recommended Posts

On 1/19/2020 at 10:32 AM, TheerT said:

Generally speaking, I'd like to see Rockstar adding more everyday sh*tboxes and less expensive cars (especially sports and super ones). I mean, look at GTA Online. Rockstar's added a lot of exotic high-end cars from brands such as Grotti, Pegassi or, I don't know, Överflöd with little focus on everyday cars. It's time for recompensate the relatively small amount of "boring" cars in the next GTA. GTA isn't a racing video games series, after all.




Also, please, less feckery with brands. Don't turn the lore brands which were supposed to be based on a particular IRL brand into something generic, c'mon.

Certainly, this. Right now, it feels as though GTA Online's new content is meant to pander to hypebeasts who want to have (fictionalized versions of) the most exotic and unattainable real-life sports cars in the world in order to live out their 2000s glam-rap video fantasies.


Unfortunately, the game's microtransaction model means that Rockstar has bread-and-butter reasons to pander to them.


On 1/19/2020 at 11:49 PM, HikikomoriYume said:

Gta today misses that special sauce that used to complete rockstar's games.

It's lacking THE FEEL, you know what I mean?

I'm replaying Bully on my ps2 and having a non-stop dopamine orgasm.

I wish game design would be return to being about the art and not the sale.

No it's not nostalgia, go play Horizon Zero Dawn.

You people know what I'm talking about.

Could you imagine Guerrilla Games, or CD Projekt Red, making their own GTA-style open-world crime game? (Excited to see what the latter delivers with Cyberpunk 2077, for that reason.)

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A wishlist of vehicles, should they ever make another game in 60s London:


Rhino — Centurion tank

Forklift — Lansing Bagnall electric forklift

APC — Ferret scout car

Maxwell Esperanto — Vauxhall Cresta PA

Maxwell Moonbeam — Bedford Beagle

Maxwell Emperor — Vauxhall Victor FD

Maxwell Burrito — Bedford CA

Maxwell Medicar — Bedford TJ ambulance

Maxwell Coach — Bedford VAL

Maxwell Barracks — Bedford MK

Maxwell Flatbed — Bedford TK

Maxwell Prison Bus — Bedford SB

Maxwell Yankee — Bedford S type box van

Maxwell Fire Minder — Dennis F series

Maxwell Trashmaster — Dennis bin lorry

Blackpool-Schyster — Bristol 408

Blackpool-Vapid — Ginetta G4

Blackpool-Vapid V8 — TVR Griffith

Blackpool Maggie — Morgan 4/4

Blackpool Maggie Trike — Morgan Super Sports 3 wheeler

Blackpool Banshee — Jensen FF

Hibiscus Locust — Lotus 7

Hibiscus Type 13 — Lotus Elan & Elite

Hibiscus Trialler — Dellow trials car

Hibiscus F1000 — Lotus 41

Dewbauchee JB700 — Aston DB5

Dewbauchee Super GT — Aston DBR1

Dewbauchee Rapid GT — Aston DBS

Dewbauchee Exemplar — Lagonda Rapide

Progen-Classique — McLaren M1A & Lola T70 spider

Weeny Tyni — 1930s Austin 7

Weeny Tyni Mk2 — Austin A35

Weeny Woody — Morris Minor Traveller

Weeny Carri — Morris Minor ute

Weeny Issi — Austin Mini

Weeny Perennial — Mini Clubman

Weeny Issi Post — Royal Mail Mini van

Weeny Copper — Mini police car

Weeny Bifta — Mini Moke

Weeny Mossie — Triumph Spitfire & MGB

Weeny Brummie — Triumph Renown saloon

Weeny Dynasty — Morris Oxford III

Weeny Squealy — Austin Healey 3000 & Triumph TR4

Weeny Faerie — MG TF

Weeny Faerie Mk2 — Frogeye Sprite

Weeny Milk Float — Morrison Electricar

Weeny Cabby — Austin FX4

Weeny Remise — Austin FX3 & Nuffield Oxford taxi

Weeny Landcrab — BMC ADO17 

Weeny Mistress — Riley RMB

Weeny Mistress Mk2 — Austin A110 & Triumph Vitesse

Weeny Dynasty Mk2 — BMC ADO9

Weeny Tilly — Austin WW2 Tilly

Weeny Baron — BMC ADO16

Weeny Thumper — Triumph Bonneville

Weeny Police Bike — Triumph Trophy police

Weeny GP750 — BSA Rocket 3 racing 

Cleveland Steamer — Sentinel steam wagon

Cleveland Linerunner — Leyland Hippo

Cleveland Mixer — Scammell Routeman 8x8 cement mixer

Cleveland Tipper — Scammell Routeman 8x8 tipper lorry

Cleveland Minivan — Hillman Imp van

Cleveland Bus — AEC Routemaster

Cleveland Ambulance — Morris J4 ambulance

Cleveland Black Maria — Morris J4 paddy wagon

Cleveland Securicar — Morris J4 bank security van

Cleveland Mr Whoopee — Morris J4 ice cream van

Cleveland Pilgrim — Scammell Pioneer

Cleveland Cockroach — Scammell Scarab

Cleveland Westminster — Thornycroft Big Ben

Cleveland Shah — Thornycroft Antar

Ocelot Jugular — Jag Mk2

Ocelot Interceptor — Jag Mk2 police

Ocelot Swinger — E type

Ocelot Type IV — D type

Ocelot Certified Roadster — XK140

Ocelot Monarch — Daimler DS420 & DR450

Ocelot Big Jug — Jag Mk7M

Ocelot Plodder — 1950 Lanchester Ten saloon

Ocelot Docker — Daimler Gold Zebra

Ocelot Kneeslider — Norton Manx

Ocelot Hunter — Vincent Black Shadow

Ocelot Regent — Brough Superior

Ocelot Sanchez — Greeves Challenger

Enus Windsor — Bentley Continental S3

Enus Stafford — Rolls Phantom 5

Enus Sucker — blower Bentley

Gallivanter Landstalker — Series 2 Land Rover 88 & 109 pickup, van, and wagon variants

Gallivanter Boone — Rover P5 coupe

Gallivanter Royal — Rover P4

Gallivanter Estate — Rover P6 Toura

Mannly Micro — Peel P50

Reliable RolyPoly — Reliant Regal Supervan

Reliable Rauncer — Reliant Scimitar GTE

Handicapable — Invacar & Enfield 8000

Tractor — Ferguson TE20

Bulldozer — Track Marshall

Overflod DeLukt — Saab Sonnet 2

Overflod Taket — Saab 96

Vulcar Fagaloa — Volvo Amazon Kombi

Vulcar Fagaloa GT — Volvo P1800

Vulcar Safari — Volvo PV544

Vulcar Solair — Volvo 145 Express

BF Ladybird — VW Beetle

BF Camper — VW Type 2 van, wagon, ute, campervan 

BF Limouviertesmodell — VW Type 4 saloon

BF Benito — VW Karmann Ghia

BF Anti-sinkfahrzeug — VW Schwimmwagen

BF Injection — Meyers Manx

Obey 69 — DKW F102

Obey Kaiser — NSU 1000TT

Benefactor Staff Car — Mercedes W150 & W31

Benefactor Stirling GT — 300SL

Benefactor Feltzer — W113

Benefactor Surano — W180 coupe

Benefactor Stretch — W100 pullman

Benefactor Glendale — 300SEL 6.3

Benefactor Schafter — W110 estate

Benefactor Großer Preis — Mercedes W125

Ubermacht Oracle — BMW 501

Ubermacht Zion — BMW 2000C

Ubermacht Sentinel — BMW 1600 new class

Ubermacht Maus — Isetta 3-wheeler

Ubermacht Siderider — BMW R60 with sidecar

Pfister Comet — Porsche 911

Pfister Meteor — Porsche 356 speedster

Pfister Bergmeister — Porsche 906/10

Grotti Calafia — 250 California

Grotti Ferocious — Ferrari Daytona

Grotti Itali GTS — Alfa 8C 2300

Grotti GT500 — 250GTE

Grotti Stinger — 275 GTB

Grotti Stinger GT — 250 GTO and Alfa 33 Stradale

Grotti Turismo — Dino 246

Grotti Cheetah — 250TR

Grotti Brioso — Abarth 695SS

Grotti SP500 — Ferrari 330P4

Pegassi Monroe — Miura

Pegassi Infernus — Lambo Espada

Pegassi Toro — Lambo 400GT & Iso Grifo

Principe Faggio — Vespa

Principe GP500 — Moto Guzzi Ottocilindri

Principe Bati 250 — Ducati Mach 1

Lampadati Viseris — De Tomaso Mangusta & Monteverdi Hai 450

Lampadati Casco — Maserati 3500GT

Lampadati Felon — Quattroporte S1

Lampadati Felon GT — Maserati Ghibli

Lampadati Furore Rallye — Lancia Fulvia 1.3HF

Lampadati Sorpasso — Lancia Aurelia Spyder

Lampadati Opozume — Alfa TZ2

Lampadati Michelli GT — Alfa GTA

Lampadati Michelli GTS — Alfa Spyder & Fiat 124 Spider

Lampadati Komoda — Fiat 2300 saloon

Lampadati Fraternity — Fiat 1100 Familiare

Lampadati Lamaca — Renault 4

Lampadati Baleine — Renault 16

Lampadati Dolphin — Renault Dauphine & DKW 3=6

Lampadati Berline — Alpine A110

Calais Escargot  — Citroen H van

Calais Oeuf — Citroen 2CV

Calais Reine — Citroen DS

Calais Coupe — Peugeot 404 coupe

Calais Kalahari — Citroen Mehari

Calais Tourni — Citroen Ami break

Truffade Z Type — Bugatti Atlantic

Truffade Raceabout — Bugatti Type 35

Vapid Mamba — AC Cobra

Vapid Benson — Ford Thames Trader luton

Vapid Towtruck — Ford Thames Trader towtruck

Vapid Pony — Ford Transit

Vapid Mule — Ford Transit box van

Vapid Rumpo — Ford Thames 400E

Vapid Retinue — Ford Anglia 105 & Sunbeam Rapier

Vapid Cruiser — Anglia 105 police

Vapid Regina — Ford Corsair V4 estate

Vapid Mangler — Ford Cortina Mk1

Vapid Manana — Ford Prefect 100E

Vapid Bobcat — 1956 Ford F100

Vapid Zodiac — Ford Zephyr mk2

Vapid Clique — Ford Popular 103E

Vapid Bullet — GT40 Mk2

Vapid Hustler — 32 Ford hotrod

Vapid Dominator — 1967 Mustang

Vapid Hauler — Ford D1000

Bravado Half Track — M3 half track

Bravado Boxville — Commer Walk-thru

Bravado TV Van — Commer FC tv detector 

Bravado Royal Post — Commer FC royal mail

Bravado Journey — Commer FC campervan

Bravado Packer — Dodge Kew car transporter

Bravado Fourgonnette — Simca 1100 high roof van

Bravado PseudoSportive — Simca 1200S coupe

Classique Stallion — 1968 442

Classique Sabre — 1965 442 and 1964 GTO

Canis Patriot — Mighty Mite

Canis Mesa — CJ5

Canis Bison — Jeep FC pickup

Declasse Voodoo — 1959 Impala

Declasse Coquette — C2 Corvette

Declasse Tornado — 57 Bel Air

Schyster Dwarf — Hillman Imp

Schyster Vixen — Hillman Minx S3

Schyster Manta Ray — Sunbeam Alpine fastback

Schyster Snipe — Humber Pullman landaulet

Schyster Chariot — Rootes Arrow

Schyster Patrol — Rootes Arrow police

Western Freeway — Harley panhead

Western Caddy — Harley golf car trike

Karin 190Z — Toyota 2000GT

Karin Kuruma — Toyota T40 Corona

Zirconium Uranus — Mazda Cosmo

Annis ZR2000 — Datsun 2000 Roadster

Dinka Blista — Honda N360

Dinka Sports — Honda S600

Dinka GP250 — Honda RC161

Dinka Ventoso — Honda Super Cub

sh*tzu GP50 — Suzuki RM63

sh*tzu PCJ500 — Suzuki T500

Edited by éX-Driver
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On 2/8/2020 at 2:26 PM, Ronald Reagan said:

1990's Chevrolet Caprice.


Yeah, that's what I've always wanted.



Didn't we get that with the Stanier?

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15 minutes ago, anizawa said:

Didn't we get that with the Stanier?

Not really, Stanier is a 1st gen Crown Vic

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd like the option to train to become a police officer online. 


Once you pass you're paired with a A.I partner then you complete a bunch of missions alongside him until you rank up. 


From there you can choose your own partner because the original guy retires. He's an older Vet anyways. 


You're giving a squad car to drive and you have the option to enter the lobby spawned inside of the station. Probably in the breakroom or something where a few a.i cops will occasionally be seen sitting around eating doughnuts, drinking coffee, smoking, etc as they chat it up. 


Tons of cop car upgrades as you're promoted. Eventually being able to purchase your own jailhouse where you can recruit other players. . 


You can arrest other players, and when you do anyone can stop you at any time from getting that person to the jail house. If you successfully get the criminal to the jail cell a mini game starts up that tasks every non cop player with the option to break their fellow criminal out of jail. Cops have to protect the jail for about 10 minutes. Winner gets cash and RP.


You can also eventually buy your own prison for more money. The Prison one is 20 mins. Not really a mini game here but other players can still attempt to break their buddy out. While in jail the player criminal can leave their cell to walk around. Work out. Play basketball. start a gang fight, etc. However starting a fight will increase your jail time to another 10 minutes. Getting caught with a weapon. 


Attempting to escape but failing results in 20 minute added to the sentence. 

Edited by VictorVance1239
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  • 2 weeks later...
Shyabang Shyabang

Skateboard / longboard




and the electric unicycle



Edited by Shyabang Shyabang
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Corvette C4.

Porsche 928.

Auburn Speedster.

Mercedes SL R107.

Mercedes W123.

Mercedes W126.

VW Golf II Cabriolet.


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On 2/14/2018 at 6:50 PM, jaljax said:

1986 Ford Mustang GT


1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1


Double yes on the four eyed fox body 5.0 rwd and ttops(with the option of going topless). I love the 93 foxbody but I'm sick of it being the only foxbody option in video games 

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  • 2 weeks later...
Agent Tanner

We need more classic American muscle cars and Hot Rods! 😋 This is one of the reasons why I hope the next GTA takes place somewhere between the 1950s and 1970s.









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Maybe a return of the Pinnacle!

Edited by AllyMotors
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  • 2 months later...
Mr Philips The Gey

uranus needs to make a return. we also need a faster regina with a better grille

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I want more older muscle and classic cars with more in depth modifications and  it would be awesome if they sounded tougher the more you modified the engines. I dunno maybe thats asking too much 🤷🏻‍♂️

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On 3/29/2017 at 12:29 AM, TurboLag23 said:

Here's my list:

-Acura NSX (1991)

-Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (2017)

-Alfa Romeo 4C (2017)

-Ariel Atom V8

-Ariel Nomad

-Audi RS6 Avant (C7/4G)

-BMW M2 (F87)

-BMW M6 Gran Coupe (F12/F13)

-BMW 850CSi (E31)

-Caterham R650

-Datsun 280Z

-Datsun 510 (Sedan, Wagon, Pickup)

-Factory Five 818C

-Ferrari 330 GT4

-Ferrari 488 GTO

-Fiat 124 Spider (2017)

-Honda S2000

-Honda Fit (2017)

-Jaguar XJ (Series III)

-Jaguar F-Type

-Lexus LFA

-Lotus Evora S (2017)

-Maserati Quattroporte (2017)

-Maserati MC12

-Mazda Miata (ND)

-Mercedes Benz C63 AMG (2012-2014)

-Mercedes Benz AMG GT

-Porsche Boxster/Cayman S (718)

-Porsche Panamera/Panamera Sport Turismo (971)

-Subaru BRZ

-Subaru Legacy GT Wagon (4th-gen)

-Subaru 22B STi

-Subaru WRX STi (2018, possibly wagon version as well for game)

-Tesla Model 3

-Toyota Supra (MKIV)

-Toyota 2000GT

-Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

-Volkswagen Golf R

-Volvo S90/V90

-Volvo 122 Amazon (Sedan/Coupe/Wagon)


Cars currently in GTA V that they should keep (possibly different generations of the same make/model):

-Acura NSX (2017)

-Audi Quattro

-Ferrari GT4 Lusso

-Ferrari F40

-Ferrari F70

-Koenigsegg Agera S

-Koenigsegg Regeara

-Lamborghini Huracan Performante

-Lamborghini Aventador SV

-Lamborghini Miura S

-Lamborghini Diablo SV

-Lancia Stratos

-McLaren F1

-McLaren 570S

-McLaren P1

-Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)

-Nissan GT-R (R35)

-Pagani Huayra

-Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

-Porsche 911 Turbo S (991)

-Porsche 918 Spyder

Yes please. GTA needs a lot of Porsche. 

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26 minutes ago, robowarrior said:

Yes please. GTA needs a lot of Porsche. 

The often overlooked 944/928/968 should get some love. They are some of my personal favorites and if the game is set in the past at least one of those has to be in it besides the obvious 911.

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8 hours ago, VercettiGuy said:

The often overlooked 944/928/968 should get some love. They are some of my personal favorites and if the game is set in the past at least one of those has to be in it besides the obvious 911.

They keep adding these stupid cars in GTA online but they won't make a good looking Pfister. The only Porsche that is somewhat Porsche-esque in the game is the neon.

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I really want to see more variety amongst the air craft. Maybe include some other helicopters , give us the chance to pilot more than 1 fighter jet at launch , maybe throw in a larger amount of transport planes 

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Shyabang Shyabang

The Veloster N




And the ability to paint your car like this:



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  • 3 weeks later...
Mr Philips The Gey

i think some of the japanese cars should be right hand drive cause what is the point of those import looking cars if they're not right hand drive

u guys know that sheriff car(sedan) that chases you in senora and great ocean highway? people call it the stanier II i think that should have a civilian version also the other po po car

this game should have more imports as well

in 1st person the steering wheel should match the dashboard cause 1st person driving in v just sucks with the interiors and also they should be more detailed

detailed engines

better car sounds

stock rims that actually match

not every car needs to have dual or quad exhausts like in v

more modern cars

redesign some vehicles like the adder and the issi


thats all in my head for know

On 4/23/2016 at 3:18 PM, Pedinhuh said:

'60 VW Beetle, dual carbureted, 1600cc.

They got the design right with the BF Injection, just add a hood for the engine, bigger fenders, replace the tires with street tires, low down the suspension a bit and change the name to BF Bifta or BF Mcarthy.


Something like this:



the bifta already exists and t is a dune buggy that looks like the rc car from toy story

On 7/20/2017 at 8:08 AM, DoomSkuller said:

1) Lamborghini Veneno.

2) multiple different tanks with different capabilities (one with thicker armour, one with higher firepower, one with higher acceleration, etc)

3) MG cars

the veneno is already a car and its called the zentorno

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Middle Class Roadman

If there isn't a Rockstar rendition of the Audi RS6 then I personally will not be buying GTA 6.

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