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GTA 6 Vehicle Wishlist


Recommended Posts



Punch Out | Fan Fiction


AGENT: ‘Evening. We’ll be taking that yellow tape of your hands. Enjoy the sidelines.


GTA: ‘That’s real cute, chief. But, sorry; as long as I got some action glued to a script, I’ll be the one f*cking up screens real good forever. So... I’m gonna franchise tag this crown.’


AGENT: ‘Look... I don’t want to have to put a fist to your ego. Comply or get ready to be a friend to sorrow and to watch your life get dressed in bulls*it.’


GTA: ‘So that’s your playbook, huh? Intimidation? Last time I checked I don’t got a camo patch and you ain’t Mr. Ten Hut!’ So why don’t you just let off the gas, ‘kay?’


AGENT: ‘I’ll stop stroking the throttle when you take clowns strutting around and stretching their happy meat that throws c*mshots across the map - orbital cannons - out of your multiplayer equation!’


GTA: ‘Online is sexy and the sharks know it.’


Tuesday: ‘Lmao, what was your BAC level when you massacred that sentence?


Real life simulation: ‘It doesn’t matter, because when that former guitar guy squirts his Scottish dressing all over this dream that’s been hiding from those YouTube leeches? F*cked. Everyone’s life’s and the competition.’


Da’Rell Remier: ‘Bro... I can’t even f*ckin’ believe a game like this exists. This ain’t even a game. This ain’t even humanity. How do you even begin to pick the mind of something this legendary that’s out of the universe’s control?’


PlayStation 5: ‘Here’s how: you give them a story, they steal that story and turn it into a frenzy and thousands of ‘ka-chings’ per click.’ As for the second question: personally, I cannot bring myself to settle; I have to keep it real.’


Tuesday: ‘Yep, and it’s about to get real.’


GTA: ‘Sorry, I don’t follow. This thing’s black and white.


Tuesday: ‘It’s over. The mind of fiction gets to be the mind of stagnation. You gotta know when a quit is a good quit. Punch out for life, respect you legacy and let a new breed of hope write its legacy with a nod to a veteran like you.’


GTA: ‘What the f*ck? Are you trying to-‘


Tuesday: ‘Don’t drag grief across your skin. Listen to that; that’s your legacy. Milestones that found their way to a new milestone. You’ve done good and a lifetime of childhoods and nostalgia thank you for your service. You will always be one of the greats.’


Maude Eccles: (s*its herself) Yeaap. Good to empty out the dumpstah!’


Da’Rell Remier: Ughhhh! N*ggah be needin’ Depends!’


Sam Adams: ‘Maude! Show some f*ckin’ character, lard a*s!’


Maude Eccles: ‘I’m just waitin’ ‘til the diabetes ‘n fat pockets, gobbles me up ‘n kills me.’


Jared Rod Hodges: ‘Really sorry about that. Would you mind signing up to mah You-Tube channel? Gonna be doing Grand-Theft-Au-to-On-line Christmas carols. I just wanna up the digits in my bank account. Strict demographic of 8-12 only, please. Thanks.’


Da’Rell Remier: ‘Yea, sure I got you; after yo’ a*s choke on Kim Jung-un’s s*it!’


Lamar Davis: ‘Aye, Jared? You from the ATL, right? Let me kick some 411 yo’ way, n*ggah. Take yo’ bean pole a*s to the ‘hood n’ try your thievin’ bulls*it. I guarantee you’ll be talkin’ out yo’ bowels if you try strippin’ them of they paper.’


Jamir Baker: ‘Nobody f*cks with my b*t ch!’


Lamar Davis: ‘Only thing f*ckin’ wit ‘yo a*s is the leaf you wipe it with.’


Tuesday: ‘Hahaha!’


Leslie Benzies: ‘I was hoping to be introduced as a sexy Scottish c*nt, but Maude gave me a great idea for my new game: you can be diagnosed with diabetes and have cellulite. Thanks, dumpster a*s!’


Tom Brady: ‘Wooooo! Oh my god!’


Tuesday: ‘You’re 2 days early, Tom. Patience.’

Edited by XXVIII
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If that 70s/80s leak is true (YES PLEASE!) two cars the game can't and shouldn't miss are a Corvette C4 and a R107 Mercedes SL.


My male online character would have the C4 and my female the SL.

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Racing cars

Edited by SoldMomForWater
uhhhh i picked wrong discussion sorry
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On 8/9/2019 at 10:50 PM, SoldMomForWater said:

Racing cars

Like those in the 70s?




Emerson Fittipaldi in his McLaren M23, Britain 1974

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  • 2 weeks later...

DeLorean (with Gullwings)

Coyote (from the TV Series Hardcastle & McCormick)

Dodge Charger with a General Lee Paint option


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Water jetpacks to cross rivers/as a tourist attraction, but only in selected piers if you know what I mean

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On 8/4/2019 at 11:41 AM, Aquamaniac said:

Honda Odyssey, not that is an attractice car but family cars lack representation:



Make Perennial great again.



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Camper vans with the ability to save game, change clothes, switch guns.








On 4/29/2017 at 10:49 PM, Rimmer said:

"Semerka", Mercedes 220, Cadillac-Deville, Gaz "Pobeda"FMhSUv7.jpg

What type of Pobeda is that? Is it modified?

It looks like a Pobeda - Chrysler Crossfire mix.

Edited by BlueLion90
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  • 2 weeks later...

BMW e34M5



And Touring



D3 Audi S8 



Audi RS2



Ferrari 348TB



Ferrari 550 Maranello



McLaren F1



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  • 2 weeks later...

Kinda hoping for a late 1980s or early 1990s setting, after Tommy took over.

so here’s what I want:



Toro (Lamborghini Countach, maybe used by Tommy?)

Infernus (GTA V Infernus Classics, maybe with a roadster version)

Schwartzer (E coupe)

something based on Land Cruiser

Lokus (Toyota Crown)

Schafter (W126 or a W140, or both)

Schafter armored (cuz why not)

Itali GTB (Ferrari 348)

*the last four sounds more like 1990s Chinese smugglers:/ 

Cognoscenti (Bentley Mulsanne)

Stafford (RR Silver Cloud, maybe a white one resembles the one from Scarface?)

Super Diamond (RR Silver Spur)

*Now we r in HongKong, closer to Florida I guess

Cheval Fugitive (Holden Commandore, maybe a SS? UTE?)

Something based on Toyota Helix

*see, we are in Australia already

Banshee (Viper R/T)

Coquette (Corvette C5)

*hey we are in Detroit already!

*did I forget JAPAN?!

Yeah all the JDM, doesn’t make sense IK

*where am I, Detroit, yes



annnnnnnd that’s all


O and Comet and Patriot


and all the vanilla edit old cars


and Zion Classics 




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Sito Miñanco

Grotti as Ferrari Testarossa. They just added it to GTA Online and if GTA 6 is going to be Vice City in the 80s there isn't a more iconic vehicle

Edited by Sito Miñanco
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  • 2 weeks later...
On 8/4/2019 at 3:41 AM, Aquamaniac said:

Honda Odyssey, not that is an attractice car but family cars lack representation:



I saw a lady with her kids in one of these but it was black.  I thought who drives around in a vehicle that looks like a funeral coach other than the Addams family?

On 10/20/2019 at 3:47 PM, DownInTheHole said:

A motorized scooter would be a hilarious joke vehicle.


Something like this.


Overweight NPC’s on these a must!

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