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Focused Money Making Crew


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After finally purchasing GTA V for XBOX One, having already owned it on 360 my focus is now on making money and a lot of it.


I could do this on my own but what's the fun in that!?


I therefore need a new crew and I'm in the process of creating this new crew now. The crew itself will be a money driven crew, working together to get the most dollar we can.


4 -10 crew members that regularly play online is what I'm aiming for. I'll need a commissioner, leader(or 2) and the rest representatives or muscle. I'm dissolving my old crew, which had 71 members but all seem to be inactive players now.


In the name of fun and being able to chill out, if anyone is out there looking for the same thing, being able to get online to know you'll be making money with a like minded crew then there's a few things that I ask:-


You're 18 years of age or over.

You play online regularly.

You wear the Crew Tag.


About me:-

From UK.

Age 32.

Rank 90.

Access to pretty much everything since my 360 game transferred over.

All stats are max.

I'm a decent racer and pilot.

Cuts from heists will always be equally shared.


That's pretty much it. I'm putting together the crew and logo etc later on and I'll be online as well.


Add me on XBL: ToOSk3tChY




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Hey, I'm also looking to complete all heists etc in order to make a load of money, is there any limits? Only started Online recently and so I'm only rank 24. I'm 21 years old and have mic, I play most evenings and weekends.

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No cap on rank. You only have to want to make some cash and the other stuff detailed. We share the spoils and reap the benefits.


I'll add you both and send invites over social club once the crews setup.

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