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what should i do first?


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just bought GTA vice city for my Xbox and I was wondering if the was anything cool you can do at the beginning of the game

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Fooking Rekt

You can try getting all the collectibles and doing all side missions before starting the first mission :p


Or you could collect Special Vehicles troughout the game. See this topic for a list of Special Vehicles

Edited by Fooking Rekt
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Lethal Vaccine

What he said! ^^^ :^:

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thx guys for the past month I have played GTA San Andreas and I'm working on a video to upload to youtube and after I will try to make a video on VC thx for the info and fooking Rekt I checked out your youtube and its really amazing

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You could collect the hidden packages at first, giving you a massive head start for the rest of the story. You'll need reliable access to the second island (many of which can be found online) and a bit of patience. I recommend getting them in order of one particular guide so you don't run the risk of missing any out. You will need a helicopter to get a few of them easily, but lucky for you that the condo in Downtown is available to buy from the very beginning. This not only gives you a helicopter but a place to save frequently just in the case the worst happens and you end up back in the hospital on the first island. The condo costs $8000 (a steal) and this can be earned easily during paramedic/taxi/vigilante missions. Do remember that while you can attempt these three missions on the second island before you've unlocked it, all of the blips will spawn on the first island. I recommend doing those missions from the very beginning as soon as you've dropped Ken off.


Getting all 100 hidden packages awards you with many weapons and an armour pickup, as well as a tasty cash bonus which should set you up for most of the game, as far as buying assets and property is concerned anyway.

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Shree Ranga Raju

why wont you free run?

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