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Traits you don't want to see in the next protagonist?

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On 4/19/2016 at 1:04 PM, The Dedito Gae said:

This, Michael got so annoying with the act, it was always "poor me" "i miss my family" and that little dialogue he has with Franklin, "if you don't have something to whine about, life would be boring"

Who the f*ck wrote this sh*t?


Niko was grounded with the self loathing, Michael is just a whining bitch.

Two different people at different parts of their lives I guess.


Pre GTAV Michael is the rare example of a gta protagonist who didn't get brutally murdered/imprisoned in months or years after their story took place. He's seen and done it all, got out as clean as possible and is experiencing a big case of "now what?".

Edited by GR7
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A lone ranger


I like em but wow it's lonely playing GTA games again. Maybe a work duo or something.


One of the things I like about the Saints Row games no matter which you play.


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Nice necro


on topic, I love how people are whinging about how they want a GTA protagonist that’s calm, level-headed, nice, and pleasant to be around. You’re literally playing as a mass murderer, what do you expect? For the protagonist to give a child a balloon before he mercilessly guns down a dozen cops and RPG’s a car? Come on. The reason 5’s protagonists were such whiney bitches is because it’s meta humour. The game is a critical takedown of the vapid pursuit of the ‘almighty dollar’, as R* put it when they first unveiled the game. Michael and Franklin in particular are parodies of aspects of American society and especially southern Californian people. Franklin is mocking millennials who are giant sticks-in-the-mud who blame everyone and everything else for their problems and simply cannot see the positives in anything, and Michael is mocking baby boomers who are stuck in the past. In both, it’s mocking Los Angeleans who can’t recognise how good they have it and who think the only measure of happiness and success is how many zeroes there are in their bank savings. And overall the entire game is a showcase of the “grass is always greener” mindset. All 3 protags think they will finally find happiness with “one last score”, only to find they’re no happier once they do it. And instead are just stuck staring into the miasma of a bland meaningless future where they’ve already done everything they thought they’d do. 

I fully agree it could’ve been written better, 5 had the weakest writing of any mainline GTA game since 3. But the bones are there; you can see what they were going for. 

Personally, I wouldn’t want another protagonist like Trevor. He takes the whole “I don’t give a f*ck” thing too far for it to be entertaining. I know why they made him that way, and it works for the narrative, they just never stopped to think if it was a narrative worth writing. 
I also wouldn’t want a protagonist like Claude. He has no personality and just mindlessly does as he is instructed like a robot. Even when dealing with Catalina he comes off emotionless. 
from a narrative standpoint, I liked Niko and especially Johnny the most. With Luis and Wang being the next best.

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