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Do you want a original score again?


Recommended Posts

V was the first time the series had a original score should R* try that in future games? I wouldn't mind if they did do an original score again not as big like V's where it was everywhere but only during certain missions in the game or in major parts of the story I'd like it.


I'd love to hear this play during a mission


Edited by Zello
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Yes. I think V's score was great, and added to the atmosphere in missions and tense firefights in gameplay.

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GTA V's score was pretty good but got old in time. If the next GTA has one, I agree that it should just be played during certain moments.

Edited by Journey_95
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Sir Michael

Outside of police chases, no. They were fine in SP, but once we got Online, it got so annoying hearing the same scores playing over and over again when I did heists, missions, deathmatches, everything. If they do come back, an option to actually turn them off without turning off all music would be great. I always preferred doing missions with peace and quiet like the old days, same goes for flying.

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It got annoying after a while. I'd like to hear the natural sounds of the world instead of background music.

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Pink Pineapple

It's okay sometimes, but I want the option to turn it off. I hate the music that plays when you fly planes and helicopters.

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I like it but it pisses me off when my radio turns off when I'm wanted.

Edited by Shadowfennekin
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Yes, it was the best thing about V. Since I don't care about radio stations in any GTA game, V was the first one that had a proper soundtrack IMO. But there needs to be an option to turn it off. It's fine in SP but Online it gets annoying.

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If we can have a option to disable it, while keeping the music of the radio, clubs, etc...


Then yes, that would be good.

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Hell yes, but like others said, have an option to leave it off. Not everyone who grew up with GTA is too okay with an original score.

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Yes but make it less like in V and more like RDR and Manhunt.


What I mean by this is keep the random short music that plays and make the soundtrack less "in your face" and let us hear the background sound effects. Give us the the option to turn it off as well.

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It should be made like in Red Dead, but only in some special moments.

Missions or when you found something etc and in some certain locations to boost the feeling of that place.

Edited by BoomBapPoet
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Yes because in amongst it you get some real gems like this





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YES YES YES DEAR GOD YES PLEASE YES f*ck YES OH HELL YES!I love almost EVERY SINGLE TRACK on it.It's freaking amazing.

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It's okay sometimes, but I want the option to turn it off. I hate the music that plays when you fly planes and helicopters.

I agree, I always was looking for an option to turn off that music because it is becoming to be annoying in free roam. So yeah, for the missions sure, outside the missions? No. Edited by Bleached
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I wouldn't mind having it, provided there was a Toggle in the Audio Options to switch it off.

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Wouldn't mind it, but a separate option to turn it off sure would be great. Not every mission or police chase needs to have a soundtrack to be immersive. Often times the in-game sound effects are enough.

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I really liked the score, so yes, I'd like to see it return. It was great in V, and also great in RDR. It gives things more ambience and it can heighten tension. The score was pulled off a lot better than the radio stations, IMO.

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Signatures are dumb anyway.

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It's okay, but in Online missions a lot of it feels a bit generic. I like the range of existing/licensed music they add to each game, there's always a few gems that get added to my day-to-day playlists.


One of the greatest moments I've ever had in any GTA game was in IV, when this was playing on the radio while engaged in a car chase through the backstreets and alleyways of Liberty City:



Every time I hear this I'm imagining i'm throwing Roman's taxi around the streets of Broker, fighting the steering as the rear end kicks out, wheels screeching and pedestrians diving out of the way. If there had been some carefully stacked cardboard boxes to smash through it would have been perfect.


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Yes, absolutely, I would like to see an original score encapsulate the mission environments and other particular situations and predicaments within Grand Theft Auto: VI. :)


The scores of Grand Theft Auto: V really went to set the mood of the mission and depending upon the extent of the mission, it was a catalyst that propelled you to undertake the mission head on, even if it entailed a relentless ambush staged by the assailants.


I found that notion to be particularly true of missions such as the North Yankton bank heist, the mission in which Trevor razed the O'Neils house and when the De Santa residence was under siege by Merryweather henchmen.


These scores invoked tension, suspense, peril, happiness, sadness, anger; they, by my postulation, immersed you into the storyline and helped you foster an emotional connection with the protagonists. There never was a static moment in the presence of the musical scores and the emotions that they conveyed correlated with the current emotional state of the protagonist.


Such an instance in which this occurred that I believe validates that well is when the De Santas were tentatively divided. As a forlorn Michael exited the front entrance of his mansion trudging forward, feelings of defeatism and melancholy looming, a subtle and succinct piano solo accompanied just as you reposessed control of him. The reality had struck and you were left to ponder: 'How could this be'?


The scores of Grand Theft Auto: V were amazing as they were gripping at times. :)


Now, for Grand Theft Auto: VI, Rockstar's designated composers / musicians should set a precedent to take it up a notch and deliver musical scores that are even 10 times more epic, a la movies such as 'The Transporter' series, the 'Jason Bourne' series, 'Gone in 60 Seconds', and even some instrumentals that are akin to James Bond, which would trigger during stealth / reconnaissance missions.


There could also be scores consisting of sharp accented strings instruments and percussion during intense / impact scenes such as police pursuits, the protagonist chasing a designated target for a mission.


Or more realistically, seeing the protagonist hurriedly chamber a pistol whilst unlocking their personal vehicle via key remote as the exterior lights flash twice, crank the engine, whip the gear shift into 'D', romp on the accelerator pedal as the tachometer and speedometer climb, turn the steering wheel a revolution-and-a-half to the right warp speed to the mission destination. All as sustained, low-pitched strings and a piano play and then rest; play and then rest, as you approach your mission rendezvous point. Suspense. Immersion. Realism. :)


It would be really nice to see a tease of one of the musical scores contingent throughout out Grand Theft Auto: VI's announcement trailer or a trailer thereafter, so that we could gauge what they will be like.


These musical scores should be diverse at best and span across the instrumental spectrum, with different genres such as: Classic Rock (1970s, 1980s) with ballads, Hard Rock, Slow Rock, Heavy Rock, Punk Rock, Modern Rock. Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Metal with intense double base, drum fills, riffs, and interludes of ride cymbals; Grunge, Trance / House, Disco, Tropical / Jamaican, Old Western, Country, and even Classical / Baroque-esque scores. :)


In addition to acoustic guitars, electric guitars and regular drum kits, it would be nice to here different instruments in the musical scores, such as: Carribean drums, piccolos, flutes, accordians, recorders, trumpets, trombones, picazzo strings, horns, tambourine, cellos, saxophones, xylophones, or pedal steel guitars.


Of course, the scores themselves would have to be appropriate for the location that Rockstar has elected to have represent Grand Theft Auto: VI, as well as the protagonist(s). This is the broad range of genres and instruments that Rockstar would have at their disposal to help shape the musical realm of the game.

Grand Theft Auto: V had incredible and unique mixes for its musical scores. It will be interesting to see what Grand Theft Auto: VI's musical approach will be. :)

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Yes! It's a plus for when you're completing great missions (Minor Turbulence i.e)

I'd also love to see some dynamism with radio songs (Like that Chicago song...)





About the plane thing, yes, a switch would be good.

Edited by TrustedInstaller
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Nah, made it feel more Hollywood.


Preferred the ambient sounds of a gun fight in GTA IV, much more atmospheric.

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Yes, and I'd even like it to be a bit more distinctive. V's score was good, but - and I don't know for sure if it was an intent on Rockstar's part, but I suspect it was - it was more of just a backdrop music, than something really driving the action. There were some moments when the score really shined through - in Minor Turbulence, Bury the Hatchet or The Long Stretch, for example, but most of the time it was just in the background, barely noticeable. I love to listen to V's score outside of the game, by itself it works great, but it just got quite lost in the game itself, in my opinion.


I know it might not be fair to make comparisons like this, because Marty O'Donnell and Jesper Kyd are gods among composers, but compare it to something like Halo, or closer to GTA's formula, Kyd's Assassin's Creeds, where the music is an irreplaceable, crucial element that adds so much to the whole gameplay experience.


And, of course, the option to turn it off should always be there anyway.

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I wonder who will compose it. The leader from Tangerine Dream (Edgar Froese) died last year, so I don't think they will be brought back. Woody Jackson has worked on every Rockstar game score since Red Dead Redemption, and created all of the rock/metal songs on V's score, so I think he will be brought back in some capacity. Alchemist and Oh No (they did all the urban themes, and also worked on CTW for Rockstar) may also return but all that depends on what theme R* want for GTA VI. In all honesty, I hope R* works with Health again, the guys who created Max Payne 3's soundtrack. They had a song in V, imagine a score created by them, with help from Woody and Alchemist/Oh No? Max Payne 3's soundtrack is literally the greatest thing ever created.

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