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kernelbase.dll problems


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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, also I thought there used to be a PC Technical Chat subdivision but couldn't find it.


This has remained a mystery to me even after spending almost a full day trying to figure out if there is a fix besides reinstalling Windows completely and what exactly the cause of this problem is.


Basically every now and then I run into a program I simply can't use (Hitman 47 was the last game I had problems with) or programs I want to use for modding games (modinstallers etc.), a lot of stuff just crashes without even launching with kernelbase.dll as error.


The internet is full of stuff, that I've tried, though it never explains the cause of why kernelbase.dll would be nonfunctional. I tried updating drivers, reinstalling the ,exe's several times (though I knew that wasn't the problem), re-registering the .dll through CMD, creating new user accounts in case of corrupted profiles, even tried the dumbest thing possible by deleting the kernelbase.dll, but I wasn't allowed to because Windows 7.


So my question is, what is this and how do I fix it (will reinstalling Windows even work?).

Edited by Fireman
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I'd try a repair install before trying to delete Microsoft kernel components.

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The repair install didn't work, I tried to use a tool after that that was suppose to restore all administrator rights, but it seems like everything is still controlled by TrustedInstaller. I probably ticked the wrong boxes somewhere so will try again.

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