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GTAC, The Largest, Most Active and Organized Cruise Community [PC]


Recommended Posts


GTAV Cruises

A Rockstar Featured Crew

No Applications

Come and Go as you want to any of our Events

Average of 3 Cruises Everyday, All Time zones

2,800+ Members


About Us

GTAV Cruises (GTAC) is known as the community that chooses to relax and enjoy the in-game automotive lifestyle that GTAV has to offer. We are a group of PC gamers who enjoy hanging around and doing non-violent activities in the game including but not limited to Car Shows, Car Cruises, Off-roading, AirShows, Photoshoots, Drag Racing, Drifting, Boating, Sky Diving, occasional PvP and more! We've been featured by Rockstar, and have been linked to their Newswire and official Twitter multiple times.










How to join the crew?

First, Since our crew currently uses Reddit as our community hub. You'll need to create a Reddit account and subscribe to our Subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/GTAV_Cruises. Everything you need can be found there.

Next, Here is an easy to follow guide with How to Join our Crew, Join our TeamSpeak, Join our Events and more.


Here is a quick link to the social club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rgtav_cruises



We're PC Only.

Teamspeak is Required. Mics are not required

Our crew constantly hits the 1000 member cap, we remove a small handful of inactive members once a month.

If you join cruises regularly you'll earn a permanent membership.

You're responsible for knowing the Rules before you join our Events


Questions, comments or concerns? Post them below or PM me.

Edited by Teckademics
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