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Greasers & Mobsters DLC Concept

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"Aaahhhh....America in the 50's and 60's. You remember don't you? A far more innocent time. No internet, cell phones or social media. Democracy was king, drive In's were a thing, as well as family friendly TV. Rock & Roll was the fad, American made wasn't a novelty and civil rights for minorities was a far off thought. Relive America's golden years with all new......or old cars, clothing and hairstyles. Don't forget to check out the new radio station "Golden FM", hosted by "Golden Joe". A cool host that knows how to relate to the kids of yesteryear".

New Features:

New "Pose" mode for taking Snapmatic pictures (Rather than having to click down both analog sticks, There would be a "Pose" option in the Interaction Menu of all the actions.

The ability to lean on cars, motorcycles and walls:






New walk style: Hands in Jacket Pockets (Pocketed) (only applicable while wearing a jacket)


1941 Czech Duo Z (Small Heater Pistol)

1958 Colt AR-15 (Machine Gun)

1951 Remington Model 870 (Shotgun)

1959 Springfield M14 (Rifle)

1966 Remington M40 (Sniper)

Classic Lead Pipe (Melee)


Obviously old style leather/bomber jackets for the greasers. (Both zipped and unzipped options should be available). Each jacket should have a brown, black and grey/ash variant.






Also for clothing, ripped jeans would be excellent. (available in blue, black and grey shades).


50s style rolled up jeans as well:

Also: The addition of skin tight t-shirts for male characters would be a fine addition. Should be available in a vast array of colours

50s Saddle Shoes and vintage Tennis shoes would also be a great addition:


Most 50s women's fashion:

For the Mobsters, traditional 60s suits would do the trick:


I suggest calling this one the "Heartbreak Pompadour":

The "Suave Pompadour":

The "Classic Side Part": (A variant for both the left and right side part should be available)

Collage of others:

The "Liz Bouffant":

The "Norma":

The "Moore":

The "Montgomery":


1955 Triumph TR3: (Albany Truman)

1955 Bentley S1: (Declasse Sorento)

1956 BMW 503 Cabriolet: (Lampadati Cascade) (Los Santos Customs or vehicle website would offer a Hard-top, roofless and soft-top convertible option)

1956 Jaguar XK140 Roadster: (Ocelot Panther)

1955 Buick Skylark Convertible: (Declasse Hurricane)

1954 Simca Aronde: (Vapid Bulk)

1954 Hudson Jet: (Declasse Rumbler)

1957 Chevy Bel Air 4 Door: (Basically a four door variant of the Declasse Tornado)

1955 Douglas Dragonfly: (Dewbauchee Dragon)

1951 Sunbeam S8 (sidecar upgrade optional): (Benefactor Sunstrike)

1950 Panhead: (Western Blazer)

Golden FM: "The one radio station that lets your racist grandparents relive their youth".

Golden FM Songs:

"Johnny B. Goode" - Chuck Berry (1958):

"Jailhouse Rock" - Elvis Presley (1957):

"Leader Of The Pack" - Shangri-Las (1965):

"School Days" - Chuck Berry (1957):

"Twist And Shout" - The Beatles (1963):

"Rock Around The Clock" - Bill Haley (1954):

"Oh Pretty Woman" - Roy Orbison (1965):

"You Keep Me Hangin On" - The Supremes (1967):

"Yakety Yak" - The Coasters (1958):

"Gloria" - Them (1964):

"Drive My Car" - The Beatles (1965):

"That'll Be The Day" - Buddy Holly (1957):

"Don't Be Cruel" - Elvis Presley (1956):

This update includes two similar but separate groups. As the title suggests they are Greasers and Mobsters. They would each have their own description and unique functions.

America's original hipster. Loud, brash and temperamental. Sort of like todays modern Vinewood Starlet, liable to fall off the deep end at any moment. Form a group of rebellious riders and loudly commute. Be instantly recognized with old fashioned leather & bomber jackets and jeans to match. Hair grease optional.

When actively in a group, Greasers receive benefits. Those include increased strength, increased melee damage and are faster at losing the cops when on foot.

2 groups of Greasers can compete in a "Rumble". No guns, just fists and switchblades. The winning team would receive more RP than cash. Notoriety can be shared on the Social Club with statistics and leaderboards. Challenges can be given and tested through the Social Club and the Rumble game mode.

Rumble Rules: DEATH DOESNT OCCUR!!!!!! The more damage you sustain impairs your ability to fight properly, slows your movement and decreases damage dealt. The only way to win is to beat your opponents so much that they have no choice but to retreat. (75% of 1 team has to exit the battle boundary for a team to win).

The true Italian-American stereotype. Join or form your own mob in true 50s style. Move up in the ranks, gain your Godfather or "Don's" trust and be heavily rewarded. With new game modes, you can show your potential leader that you mean business and hopefully become a "Made Man", which has its benefits. Or become a real leader and start your very own crime syndicate. Hire your most trusted allies and take control of districts in Los Santos & Blaine County.

Don's are also responsible for paying their own members (out of their own pockets) so quickly take control of a district and start making some serious dough.

New Freemode Element: District Control (With a crime family only)

A "Don" can purchase or overthrow landmarks in certain districts and the entire crime family can receive benefits from it. With the VIP mode, you have to stay near the VIP to receive health benefits. With a controlled district, a control "radius" is put around the district and all crime family members within that radius receive certain benefits. Like increased health, faster reload time, smoother driving, up to 30% off at all nearby establishments (Excluding Los Santos Customs) and a significantly reduced chance of receiving a wanted level.

1. The Hen House - Paleto Bay: ($100k/ Every 2 GTA days)
2. The Yellow Jack Inn - Sandy Shores: ($75k/ Every 2 GTA days)
3. Galileo Observatory - Vinewood Hills: ($390k/ Every 2 GTA days)
4. Los Santos International Airport: ($475k/ Every 2 GTA days)
5. Kortz Center - Pacific Bluffs ($100k/ Every 2 GTA days)
6. Shipping District - Elysian Island ($275k/ Every 2 GTA days)
7. Vanilla Unicorn - Strawberry ($150k/ Every 2 GTA days)
8. Los Santos Golf Club - Richman/Rockford Hills ($650k/ Every 2 GTA days)
9. Del Perro Pier - Del Perro ($160k/ Every 2 GTA days)
10. Industrial/Warehousing District - La Mesa ($375k/ Every 2 GTA days)

District Control Rules:

1. Any given crime family may control any 2 districts. 1 would be ran by the Don him/herself. The second would be ran by the Don's appointed Consigliore.

2. 100% of ALL income goes to the Don. It is up to them to distribute payment.

3. There is no cool down for given District jobs.

Consigliore: The second in command to the Don. Players can receive jobs from them and be payed by them.



The "Hen House" in Paleto Bay is a district landmark. The Don can either choose to buy it (the easy way) or gather his allies and shoot their way to controlling it (the hard way).


-The leader now receives income from owning that landmark
-The leader can also manage the controlled district to increase profit
-The leader can also choose to bribe the local PD so the groups actions are less restricted
-The controlling party now receives discounts at all nearby establishments (Ammu-Nation, Tattoo Parlor's etc)

Once control over a district has been established, memebers can report to the boss and receive missions or jobs to undertake. (No payamount is set. The Don controls ALL proft sharing between members and manually chooses how much to pay each member). Jobs include:

Protection/Bodyguard: Stay near the Don and protect him/her.


Guard Post: The Boss may be expecting trouble. They will give you a specific location to stand guard in. (5 minutes max).

Supply Run: Gather supplies for the controlled landmark. (Mostly for lower levels. No risks involved).

Disposal: Someone has been saying nasty things about your crime family. Find, kidnap and quietly dispose of them before the Police discover what you're up to.

Heat: The local police department is onto you. Distract them long enough for the boss to cover up his actions. (3 stars for 4 minutes)

Intimidation: A snarky nobody has been in the dark talking ill of you and your family. Teach them a lesson. (But don't kill them).

Cargo Shipper: Make sure a cargo run is delievered to its destination. (Up to 2 stars if you attract too much attention. Other crime families can steal the shipment and deliver it for themselves).

Cargo Receiver: Meet contacts, secure and deliver a shipment. (Be the first to get to the Cargo as other familes can steal the cargo and deliver it to their own landmark).

Framework: A rival to your boss is making themselves known. Rather then eliminating them and creating suspicion, work as a team (2 max) and frame them for a crime that your family committed.

With controlling a district, comes the "Suspicion Meter". Draw too much attention to your crime families activities can result in a Police Raid. The meter can be lowered by bribes or laying low.

Police Raid: You and your family have drawn too much attention. Hold off the police as they try to seize your entire enterprise. (4 star wanted level for 5 minutes).

Allies/Rivals: With possibly multiple Don's controlling several districts across the map, they can choose to either become allies and increase profit or become rivals and compete for each others districts.

Edited by Krazyboy9101

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Very well thought out and planned, great concept!

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Stay gold ponyboy

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The Gator

Very well thought out and planned, great concept!

What this guy said; but could you please embed your pictures? This is a pain to look at on mobile when each picture link I click on throws me into a new tab.


Another small detail, I believe Jaguar counterpart is Ocelot. Truffade is Bugatti.

Edited by iamcornholio

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Sounds epic and well thought. I've always wanted, as of lately more mafia stuff and old vintage cars for gta. The new station sounds awesome I really liked 60s and 50s music.

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Too bad rockstar doesnt seem to be this creative haha i love it

Edited by thafablifee46

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Cool idea. I would love to see a classic Skylark in the game and the old music isn't a bad idea either.

Edited by Nonstopmaximum

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Finally someone puts out a good ideas. I'm all in just for the bike with a sidecar lol. It'd be even better if there was a military plane in it. Maybe a 1950's bomber?

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if it ain't lowriders and adversary modes then don't bother asking R* to do it.

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and introducing the flying car cheat/mod



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Rockstar replies by saying: "but valentine DLC was mobster DLC". Lol.

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I need a cigarette..I came.

Too bad I'm getting f*cking lowrider after lowrider shoved up my ass every week.....

One could dream though. I'm putting this sh*t in my signature.

My only gripe is some of the cars.... I'd want more cars with extended tailfins, like a 1960 cadillac convertible.

Personally, I would also add a few new glasses rayban-sun-rb3016-w0365-51-angle.jpg

The Ray-Ban clubmaster browline glasses that were extremely popular during this time, Both in a sun-glass version and a regular glasses version

Don't forget the Ray-Ban Wayfarer


Those "Casuals" from the ill gotten gains look ugly as f*ck, fix them like you did those hairstyles rockstar.

Edited by xDatxJunkyx

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R* has read your request and you can expect to see the new "Greaser Vs Mobster" Adversary mode any day now where Tornados with white walls and Tornados without white walls ram into each other a lot with little effect and somebody wins eventually.

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Cool concept.You should also consider including some denim jackets,some greasers worn them too (a few from Bully wear them).Trevor has some denim jackets,and since his body shape is similar to the male Online protagonist´s,they could easily be put in Online:







Maybe also include GTA SA version of Hotknife,Thunder Rod (a hotrod car from GTA LCS) and Western Zombie (a 1950s bobber looking bike from GTA 4).








Edited by LeopardGecko

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If we can have hot rods, kustoms and gassers, with this sign me up.

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OP, this is an interesting idea, but you have got a few of the manufacturers wrong.


Albany is generally Cadillac

Bentley/Rolls Royce is generally either Truffade or Enus (could also be used for Triumph)

BMW is Ubermacht

Simca was a French company so Lampadati would work

And the Sunbeam was a British motorcycle so making it a Mercedes in the game doesn't seem too appropriate. Truffade, Enus, or Dewbauchee would all be fitting choices.



Cool idea. I would love to see a classic Skylark in the game and the old music isn't a bad idea either.


The closest we have now is the Sabre Turbo/Stallion which is a combination of GM A-Body cars from 66-75 (Buick Special/Skylark, Chevy Chevelle/Malibu, Olds Cutlass/442, Pontiac Tempest/Le Mans/GTO).

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And since Greasers are mainly an American sub-culture, the list needs to contain less European vehicles and more American ones. For example:


'49 Merc' (Hermes in previous titles)




1950's Indian Chieftain




McDonnell Douglas DC-3





As for the traditional "Mobster Cars", most of them are already in the game minus this beauty:

1959 Cadillac Series 62 convertible



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District control gets abused in private sessions to farm money.

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As long as this update has f*ck all to do with that greasy c*nt pig John Trovalta, I'm Down

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Bumpitty bump bump. Best DLC idea imo. The era, the cars, the possible clothing and activities that'd come with it, I'm down. I sent an email (LOL) to their account, hopefully if they have the brains, they would've sifted through the crap they get and found my email.

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What, no '32 Ford? One of THE Greaser cars?




Other than that, you got my support!

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Maryellen Larkin called, she wants her poodle skirts and saddle shoes back. :p


No seriously, I'd definitely give a 50s-themed DLC a try if it's ever released.

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This is a year old thread but I thought I'd share my ideas:


Brand: Cheval

Name: I500

Category: Sports

Description: Back in the early 2000s, Liberty City was starting to look like a Vodka factory & San Andreas was becoming gang free for once. Cheval attempted to gain the respect it had in the 50s. It has a bed, a retractable cabin, and.... well that's it. It's not a surprise why these were only produced for 3 years until they realized, just like flying cars, this was a horrible idea.



Performance would be focused mainly on acceleration, grip, and turning.

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