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[REL/OpenSrc] Magic.TXD

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If I take a transparent texture with fine lines, such as a wire mesh fence, and generate mip-map for it, the smaller mips are very faint and the fence fades into invisible a short distance from the camera. While driving I don't see the fence until up close, just the frames. The fade and suppression of aliasing are nice. What is the explanation and workarounds for that? I suspect it has to do with gamma and the alpha channel being black.

DXT5 or RGBA don't make a noticeable difference.


Edited by j7n

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If it has fine lines, I don’t see any reason to use mipmaps, since when you scale that particular image down, detail loss and extra transparency is inevitable

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The expectation was for the fence to lose detail and turn into a grey wall (like the roof of Cranberry station) that reveals its structure as I get closer. But I see it doesn't work that way, and lightly opaque areas are not rendered at all.


One more question. Are there known issues with replacing a DXT1 texture with a BGRA 888 one (directly upconverted in Manipulate)? They do show up fine and have good color resolution in distance, but I am getting freezes and crashes occasionally since I did that and approach the objects. I only replaced a few and the memory use shouldn't increase much at a given time.

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I solved the problems by identifying images I had accidentally included with "damaged" mipmaps (they cause freeze and are worse than "zero-sized"), and using the gamma adjustment in Nvidia Texture Tools in Photoshop.

A gamma slider would be a good addition to this program. Perhaps one slider for color and another one for alpha (even if it is not technically correct to have it, it can help making distant objects visible).

Nvidia Texture Tools seems to be only good for images that have a generous bleed of the texture into the invisible area, otherwise the dowsampling mixes in color from the invisible pixels (black or white), and there is no way to mark alpha as premultiplied in the export and it gets applied twice.

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