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GTA VC Special Vehicle Guide

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this method is unique

1) it does not create labels on the map

2) it does not need to push the remains

3) and most importantly with this method you can go through the mission!

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Thank you for the Contribution, but the BP/EP/FP PCJ 600 Method explained in the Guide is already the BEST possible Method. Why?

Firstly, the BP/EP/FP PCJ 600 Method which is already explained doesn't require Platform-Exclusive Features like Replay, but instead can be obtained on ALL Versions like that. Secondly, I see you waste 2 Mission Attempts, meanwhile the Non-OM0 Method explains how you can obtain the BP/EP/FP PCJ 600 with a Mission Pass. Thirdly, the Vehicle doesn't require OM0/Duplication...

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@SpriteFan274: Which color is your Hotring Racer from your VC save game? In carcols.dat format of course.

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@SpriteFan274: Which color is your Hotring Racer from your VC save game? In carcols.dat format of course.

How should I know? 72,2 probably, I don't know.


It's not like this nonsense matters...

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Lethal Vaccine

Wants to use a Save Editor and match your Colors or something? :D:p


I have a "Work in Progress" List of what my 3rd 100% Save File on PS2 will have. It's actually sort of hard to pick EC Black Vehicles since I already have over 30+, so my 3rd Save isn't going to include "good" ones or "cool" ones. It'll just include random ones I still don't have. Once the Save is done with, I'll then have 40+ EC Black Vehicles in VC which is almost the entire database of Vehicles to exist in the game, lol...


Not only will I get some useless EC Black Vehicles to fill the void, but also the Unique/EC RC Bandit, Unique RC Baron, and AP Maverick (2 Deaths Method). I have yet to record the FULL Video of the Unique/EC RC Bandit since on PS2, the damn wreck doesn't "disappear," but rather sinks below the ground. I shown some Failed Attempts at obtaining it, but it never works. If the damn thing didn't sink below the ground, I would be getting it back to the Garage every attempt, but there is like a 75% chance it'll sink below the ground and then I need to redo it all. I also need to record the AP Maverick again but with the 2 Death Method when I get to assembling the Save, as well. I'll start on the 3rd VC 100% Save on PS2 once I finish my SA Mobile Starter Save and 100% Save which I will start working on tomorrow.

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Alright, the VC Guide is now fully up to date, and fixed to adapt to the New Forums Design.

I even added the EC Black Stretch from Four Iron and the Unique Love Fist from Publicity Tour in the Guide. I know there are three of these EC Black Stretches, they're from Four Iron, Demolition Man, and Two Bit Hit. Two Bit Hit and Four Iron Stretches are nearly identical, the Method Logic is the same. Demolition Man Stretch would never be in the Guide since obtaining that one would make it impossible to achieve 100% Completion. Also, the Two Bit Hit and Four Iron Stretches either require a Permanent Blip, or a Suicide, which sucks. It's always, always has been, always will be, the best to just convert a Stretch to EC Black using The Party. For the second Love Fist, eventhough it requires a Mission Failure as opposed to the one from Psycho Killer, it's only added there in case you missed it from Psycho Killer. Though it's useless to add it anyways due to the Mission Failure.

There is also this EC Gold Stretch from Recruitment Drive that's obtainable on PC only with Replay, I'd add that later or something, though it can be obtained without Failures, so can the one from Martha's Mug Shot, but on all Platforms...

There are also the Unique RC Goblin from Demolition Man and Unique RC Raider from RC Raider Pickup, but they're still unobtainable. I have a feeling that they can be obtained somehow using OM0 like how the RC Baron is obtainable. There are ways to get them temporarily and drive them around, with the usual quirk where if you press the Shoot Button the Game crashes. Maybe you could use a Mission to un-mark them somehow.

Also, there is this SSU Method to extract Vehicles from Later Story Missions (Sandking, Deluxo, Love Fist, Spand Express, Zebra Cab, etc.) and then make it EC Black using The Party. I heard of this Non-OM0 and Non-Replay SSU Method with Deaths, which does not work on PS2 at all. I tested it, the Game crashed or freezed once I killed Tommy when An Old Friend starts. I haven't tested duplicating Pizzaboy Missions ten times or sh*t like that for SSU. I still find getting more EC Black Vehicles unnecessary, and those one from Later Story Missions deserve to be only obtainable in EC Black using the Black Cars Cheat Code.

There's now a much easier Method for the EP/FP Hotring Racer, without Replays, without Skill, but only works on PC and on Mobile. It uses this Ammu-Nation Menu Trick, I tested it on PC, I tried it on PS2 but it doesn't work on PS2. I just call it the Menu Trick, since it doesn't require OM0, but I still find it an unorthodox Method. This is basically how it works:

1) Park a Taxi outside of Ammu-Nation, and park it PCJ 600 near the Pink Marker in Ammu-Nation, next to it, not exactly at it, so that the PCJ 600 is facing the Exit. I think you can use a Slower Bike like a Faggio though.
2) Activate Taxi Driver, then hold the Sub-Mission Deactivation Button, get out of the Taxi, get onto the Pink Marker.
3) Once on the Marker, release the Button. The Screen will be behind Tommy while you have the Menu on, but you can't move properly now since Tommy is freezed.

Now, here come some Rules: Once you're able to move, you are not allowed to press the Exit Button from Ammu-Nation on alone, nor are you allowed to press Left or Right to scroll through the Methods on alone.

There is the Buy (usually Shift, meaning Sprint) and Exit (usually F, meaning Entering and Exiting Vehicles) Button. To be able to ENTER Vehicles, you need to quickly press the Buy Button and then the Exit Button to enter Vehicles. You can't do this Trick to exit Vehicles. To exit Vehicles, you'd need to drive very fast and then press Buy and then Exit so Tommy jumps out of the Vehicle while it's moving. For Bikes you can crash into Walls to fall off, but NOT before you did the Save Icon Part.

If you press Exit on alone, Tommy will be teleported to Ammu-Nation. This is why this Trick is "useful."

To move left or right, you need to hold W (walking straight forward) with Left or Right (A or D). If you press A or D alone, then the Camera will go back to the Ammu-Nation, so you failed. While driving, you need to also have W held down (accelerating), while turning Left or Right. This could be inconvenient, so you could use the Handbrake to make life easier.

4) Get onto the PCJ 600 using the Buy/Exit Trick, and now hold down the accelerating Button to drive out, while doing Left or Right to navigate to Hyman Condo.
5) Once at Hyman Condo, you need to crash into the Save Icon at Hyman Condo, so that when Tommy falls out, he hits the Save Icon.
6) Once you managed this, save the Game in a Slot that you don't really use. The Menu IS Savable!

Just so you know, if you fall from the PCJ 600 too early before going into the Save Icon, Tommy will be stuck in a Crawling Animation. You need him to fall off into the Save Icon while he's crawling, to bypass the Freezing nonsense.

The Reason why this doesn't work on PS2 is because of the inconvenient "Save Game" Menu and the way how it needs to be picked up, not present on PC, making it impossible to use there.

7) Load that Save File in which you saved in, and now Tommy can freely move around with the Menu Trick on.
8 ) Get to the Stadium and start Hotring off. You'll be sitting in the EP/FP Hotring Racer when the Side Mission starts.
9) Once you gain Control, press the Exit Button and the EP/FP Hotring Racer will be teleported in the Invisible Ghost World Map right at Ammu-Nation, with Tommy there too.
10) Get to Rifle Range and then drive the EP/FP Hotring Racer to the Garage, blow it up inside. There you go...

This helps for a Simple Method to make an EC Black Hotring Racer in VC.

Hold your horses, since the EP/FP Hotring Racers A/B, and the BP/EP/FP Sanchez still don't work on Consoles, EVEN IF the Menu Trick would work there. You can't drive quickly and exit the Hotring Racer during Hotring, to be able to get inside an Hotring Racer A or Hotring Racer B, you can't exit it like that during Hotring with the Menu Trick on. Impossible. For the BP/EP/FP Sanchez, once you're inside it and then press Exit, then you'll be teleported back to the Stadium with the Sanchez there, and not at Ammu-Nation.

Edited by SpriteFan274
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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, when you first told me about this Menu Trick a couple months back, I was wanting to show the Hotring Racer A/B and BP/EP/FP Sanchez on PS2, but apparently those don't work and only the regular Player's EP/FP Hotring Racer works.  Too bad I don't need any of these sh*tty Methods to get it as it's easy as f*ck enough to get! :D 


GTA VC 3rd Save File Special Vehicles:


EC Sentinel XS, EC Mesa Grande, EC Landstalker, EC Perennial, EC Blista Compact, EC Hermes, EC Greenwood, EC Gang Burrito, EC Baggage Handler, EC Dinghy, ***EC Hotring Racer***, EC Enforcer, EC FBI Washington, Unique/EC RC Bandit, Unique RC Baron, AP Maverick


I'll start in a month or so...The EC Hotring Racer may or may not be obtained in this Save since getting it before 100% is much harder and I won't use any of these Menu Tricks and what not to get it.  If I can't sink it below the Stadium?  Then it's not going to be obtained.  It's cake after 100% to do this, but not beforehand.  However, I never tried REVERSING like I do in my Video showing it obtained AFTER 100%, so I may try and do that this time and see if it helps to get it early.  If I get it early, then surely will have the EC Black Hotring Racer in the Save, as well.


I am really scraping the barrel with this Save as there is hardly anything worth to get in VC anymore since my first 2 Saves took care of all that.  So the EC Black Vehicles I will get are simply ones I did NOT obtain yet, thus will get them in this 3rd Save just to fill some more space to make the Save worthwhile.  I'll be waiting until AFTER I pass "The Shootist" and the Rifle Range for the Fast Reload Ability to try for the Unique/EC RC Bandit.  Perhaps it'll be easier to get it, then, as getting it early on like I tried to do for my Failed Attempt Videos didn't go so well.  I just don't get why the Bandit Wreck sinks below the ground on PS2.  Makes no sense.  It doesn't vanish, but actually sinks through the ground as if the ground stops being solid in some areas or something...


I can't wait to record and obtain the AP Maverick and KEEP it this time and with 2 Deaths ONLY!  I never really boot up VC after 100% and mess around, but I will have something to mess around with finally and have some fun with after 100%.  When I recorded it with 3 Deaths Method, I showed the Properties and then deleted the Save, thus didn't really have time to mess around with it.  Too busy blowing through Vehicle after Vehicle, Save after Save.  Work first, play later.

Edited by Lethal Vaccine
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1.0. EC White Admiral
Mission: In the Beginning... (Pass)
How to Obtain: Welcome to Vice Beach, Vice City! The first Special Vehicle in VC is Rosenberg's EC White Admiral. It's an Admiral in a EC White Body Color, which is called Light Grey in the Game Files. Simply, start up a New Game and after the Cutscenes, this EC White Admiral will be right next to of you. However, you can't store it anywhere this early on in the Game, as you'll need to buy a Safehouse with a Garage, so you will need to earn Money while being in possession of this EC Admiral or having it in Memory until you've earned enough Money to buy a Safehouse. I suggest doing Paramedic while having this EC White Admiral in Memory. If you want to get 100% Completion in VC, then you'll need to do Paramedic Level 12 and buy all the Safehouses in the Game, so you can easily do these things for 100% while at the same time obtaining this EC White Admiral. Some people prefer doing Cone Crazy multiple times for a lot of Money, however, I don't think that's a very good idea as doing Paramedic you will get the Infinite Sprint Reward which will be helpful during the playthrough. After the Opening Cutscenes of the Game, just get in the EC White Admiral next to Tommy and drive it to the Vice Point Hospital to start doing Paramedic Level 12. You can do it in the Ocean Beach Hospital too, but I don't recomment doing it there since Thieves can spawn nearby and jack your EC White Admiral, but in the Vice Point Hospital there are rarely any Pedestrians walking there. When you arrive to the Vice Point Hospital with your EC Admiral, park the Admiral somewhere nearby at the Hospital where no Pedestrians will spawn, then get into the Ambulance nearby and start doing Paramedic until you pass Level 12. This is how the EC White Admiral is obtained fully, at the beginning of the Game you won't have enough Money to buy any Safehouse with a Garage and that is the only way to keep this EC Admiral. So you will need to leave the EC Admiral in Memory and leave it at the Hospital while you complete Paramedics Level 12. Always make sure you see the EC Admiral there at the Hospital where you parked it every time when you drive there. When you've completed Level 12 of Paramedic, you will have a lot of Money and you can buy all Safehouses on both Islands in Vice City. You will also obviously have the Infinite Sprint Reward from Paramedic, which will be very helpful in a Starter Save if you're doing one. Despite Paramedic Level 12 taking a long time to be completed, it needs to be done at some point, so it's best to do it first and get it out of the way whilst making Money for Safehouses which will allow you to store this EC White Admiral. Anyways, when you've finally completed Paramedic, get into your EC White Admiral which is still parked at the Hospital and then drive to either the El Swanko Casa, Links View or Ocean Heights Safehouses. They all have a Garage. Drive to one of them and buy the Safehouse, then store the EC White Admiral inside the Garage. Make note that during the Cutscene when Ken is running into the Office, the EC White Admiral is actually an AP/EC White Admiral. Though for the AP/EC Admiral you'd need to use a Cheat to obtain it. It's not needed as you can obtain a far easier AP/EC Admiral later on in the Story.
Video by Lethal Vaccine


Why don't we, as an example of what this guide could be, format and write this properly?



1.0. White Admiral



In the Beginning... (Pass)



a) Ensuring the Admiral is kept in the game's memory.

b) Earning enough money to buy a safehouse with a garage.


Suggested Method

Video by Lethal Vaccine


1. Once the game's initial cut-scenes are over, drive the Admiral that will be in front of you to the Vice Point Hospital.

2. Leave the car near there in a place where pedestrians won't spawn (example spot) and then complete paramedic until Level 12.

3. Return to the Admiral and drive it to one of the safehouses with garages (El Swanko Casa, Links View or Ocean Heights), purchasing one of them and storing the Admiral in it.


Extra notes

- Requirement a is best achieved through driving by the spot where you parked the Admiral to ensure it is still there when performing your money-making activity.

- Requirement b does not specifically require you to do Paramedic and reach Level 12 of it, but doing so will give you enough money to buy all the safehouses in Vice City and will give you the Infinite Sprint Reward. Even if taking a long time, this will need to be acquired at some point.

- This is the first special vehicle in the game, and in the initial cutscenes is the first AP/EC Admiral, but one of these can be obtained much easier later on in the Story, and without cheats.


Edited by Argonautt
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