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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Hacker Taking All Weapons


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I had this happen to me recently.


I was taking a $13 k gang car to sell it in PB then boom I am blown up in car. Next whenever I press x I am lifted up by water gusher. I take a parachute job to escape lobby and notice no weapons upon completetion.


When this happens just turn console off so that game not saved. You could buy weapons back at Ammunation but horribly expensive / not recommended.


After turning console off and green light no longer on you can log on and your weapons SB there. I am level 210 and this my first experience w this. I am going to start keeping a log of hackers or undesirables for future reference.


When logging on take a look at the lobby of players w unusually high KDR or rank.


If u had similar experiences please relate and what solution employed. Unfortunately in all the excitement did not jot down this guys handle.

Edited by derek0514
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this is an old trick.

but you don't have to turn off your console.

this is not permanent.

just switch sessions and your weapons will be back to normal.

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no need to panic , since the server saves up your belongings ( specifically your arsenal , personal vehicle however are not guaranteed saved since they might somehow disappeared from your possession ) you can just restart the game and the your legally owned weapons are still there

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This use to happen all the time on last gen i never permanently lost them

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Actually sometime i lost 40-90% of my ammo when hacker take my guns and give me another

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Frank ツ

I actually wished a hacker removed all my weapons , so i could rebuy ONLY the ones i use

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Like usual, too many time already passed since the last banwave so things are already getting out of control once more on PC. I remember a few days ago I was doing the Piracy Prevention VIP job, and a guy teleports himself to the coast. Try to snipe him, nothing happens. He begins swimming very fast, gets on my yacht and runs very fast to the deck. I simply switch sessions, I was going to loose anyways and no way I'd allow that guy to win.


Well, moral of the story - come back in may.

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Anna Deadly

Wait... console??

Edit: Nvm I'm guessing it's last gen.

Edited by IceColdFrostMT
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