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Nuclear Solution - The Script You Never Asked For

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, others and... Different others.

I present to you... My work.

Nuclear Solution.


<URL removed in line with the forum rules>


Logline: "The Pilot follows four friends in a hectic day as they cross paths with two different gangs and get caught in the crossfire. It all culminates in a half-improvised plan on which hinges their jobs or even their lives."


Hope you enjoy and give some feedback. It's 40 pages, should be a quick read.




Now, you may be asking why you should care.

To be honest, I don't know. This is a spec, it's not gonna get made. I made it, not to sell it (God knows I'm in no position to do that), but because I wanted to.

An amateur screenwriter who writes specs for no reason and has no real world experience and posts his work online? What kind of idiot am I? Those people are the laughing stock of the internet!

Well, it's either this or the alternative. I foresee being a manager at a McDonalds after working as sh*t there for 8 years. So, why not hope? What's the worst that can happen?


Really hope you (Anyone) enjoy this and give me some feedback.

It helps with my ego.




Edited by Mokrie Dela

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Sup mate, will read and give you some feedback later. Later as in...a few years. Probably not, just kidding, But I will, given time.

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You know what, it took sixteen minutes. A little bit of the action was somewhat unrealistic, but I enjoyed it. Would watch if someone made a short film out of this.

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Glad you enjoyed at least one part of the first half.

If you've still got time, or can get a second sitting out of it, I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy the ending.

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Mokrie Dela

Okay when I said post this, I meant post the actual writing in the topic. You're not allowed to link to other websites to show your work; you'll need to copy and paste it and actually have it physically here


I apologise if I didn't make that clear

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Well, so much for that. It's probably gonna take like 2 hours of f*cking around to get the format right.

At least I got half of a review before being slapped back into my place.

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Mokrie Dela

Do it chapter by chapter over a period of time

It's easier on you, and on the reader. Don't take any offence though man, it's just you can't link to your outside work (I.e. Advertising/promoting), but for your work to physically be posted on the forums. You can link to such websites in your signature though.


Again, sorry if I didn't make that clear in our PMs. No harm done

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This is better than Camptain America: return of the Jedi.

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