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GTA EFLC Bike comparison and physics

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Sick of GTA 5 so I spent my free time playing The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned for cruising on them badass bikes I cannot ride in real life, especially the police bike. The police bike in real life is based on the Harley Davidson Roadking, which is not very ideal for pulling wheelies, however, (yes I know it's a videogame) in GTA EFLC It's so damn easy to pull wheelies on that bad boy I'll be cruising around the airport one wheel up as if it was a "hairdryer" hahahahaha good times.


I switched to TLAD and if you guys are familiar with the nightblade, that extremely rare bike only available on bike races and on one of malc's random encounters, I was pretty damn disappointed in that bike, unlike its other chopper counterparts like the revenant, hexer, freeway, zombie, wolfsbane, lycan, etc etc where it takes a little bit of skill to pull a wheelie on them. The night blade is virtually impossible to pull a wheelie, even if you are going up a steep slope that levels out, you cannot even keep the wheel up for a second. If you compare a heavy police bike or a long ass diabolus, it seems practical that the nightblade should be able to hold up a wheelie way better than the police bike.








Police Bike = A Police Harley Davidson RoadKing


Nightblade = "Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob"



If any of you guys are Harley riders and are familiar with these bikes in game,

1.) you think the nightblade is too heavy and it's build isn't suitable for pulling a wheely or it's well suitable considering similar bikes like the revenant and wolfsbane can pull them with ease?

2.) Do you think the police bike is a fat ass bike that defies physics or do you think all of that weight in the back helps the police bike transfer the weight and pull up and R* is smart with physics?

3.) Do you think R* f*cked up and had an oversight on motorbike physics ?


... and if you have no clue what the hell I'm talking about, the police bike is exclusive to TBOGT's multiplayer where it can be found at various police stations and the nightblade can be found rarely on TLAD's singleplayer. Can be stolen during bike races when you enter riding an angel or a wayfarer or if it can be found in Malc's random encounter along with the wolfsbane.


Tell me your thoughts on these bikes as I have little exp with choppers, touring motos, crotchrockets, etc and my only experience is raising hell by tearing up the airport runways and Liberty City's gritty cold asphalt with rat feces, burger shot litter, and used needles hahahaha jk.

I've ridden a dirtbike, minibike, and ATV but haven't a clue about what I said like above



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