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[V|WIP] San Andreas Creatures Myth Mod


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This is my first mod for GTA V which will add several myth into the game, including the popular Bigfoot myth, it's time to bring back those myth Alive with every possibilities.





- Johnny Klebitz who known has been killed by Trevor in the mission Mr. Philips with his gang is back to the Stab City and they will going to rebuild those place into a much more powerful Lost Camp, his member were protecting the place at all cost, so it may be a little tricky, and the Johnny stay inside one of the trailer, just be careful when you meet him, he carried a minigun.


- Steve Haines who killed by Trevor during mission The Third Way, is now rumoured haunting the place where he killed on the Del Perro, he protected by some FIB Agents, don't think it's easy to take him out because he carried a Railgun.


- Andreas who killed by Steve Haines in the mission The Wrap Up rumoured to be haunting a maze located in the Kortz Center, a place where he has been killed, he protected by some many army and swat scattered around the maze and when you meet him, you should catch him before his swat and army catch you first.


- Los Santos Coroner, a building where mission Dead Man Walking taking place is rumoured to be haunted. Some of citizens saying that it crawled by several dead body that found in the mission and they became alive, there also a almost invisible ghost walking around that place (All Interiors Unlocked mod Required!)


- Bigfoot which is one of the famous myth in the GTA Universe is now back, many villagers of Paleto Bay reported seeing bigfoot around Mount Chiliad, the hiking also claim that they seeing those creature so it's your turn to prove that bigfoot was real and hunt them in the Mount Chiliad, there are about 50+ bigfoot spawn location around Mount Chiliad, be careful with them, some of them were easily fear when seeing somebody, but some of them is fearless and may attack you if you're near them. The bigfoot were usually hiding in the bushes and trees.


Very recommended to use a thermal and night vision mod here, to find them easily.


I also included the Bigfoot Frequency Map so that you can see how frequent they are hiding in the Mount Chiliad:






Soon there'll be much more to come!



Before installing, make sure you've meet the requirements:


- Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

- Install Script Hook V .NET at least v2.6.2: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases

- Install Map Editor by Guadmaz: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor (super important!)


After you've meet all the requirements you can continue the installation below:


1. Open one of the mod folder, for example the LS Coroner Ghost, and paste the .xml file to the GTA V Scripts Folder\AutoloadMaps (if you don't have the folder, create one).

2. Repeat the first step to another mod folder, paste all the .xml to the AutoloadMaps folder so the Map Editor will load it automatically.



Known Bugs


Due the mod is based on Map Editor, you must have to get Map Editor working correctly, in order to make sure that mod is installed, there may also impact on performance but on my low laptop it doesn't afftect the performance.



Download Links




GTA Inside






- Guadmaz for making the amazing useful Map Editor

- Alexander Blade for making Script Hook V

- OpenIV Team






















Feel free to report the bugs, crashes and suggestion about the mod!

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Very great, one week without any replies.


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*Sorry for the bump again



v1.0f is now Work In Progress!


I've been working on Major Update v1.0f to fix every issues that occured which is possible to be fix and add some more interesting features.



- Stab City is now much more defensive, along with guard tower, fences, etc.




- Bigfoot is now walking around Mount Chilliad and many of them were wander around, some of them going prone just for relaxing, even some of them were ferocious and attack you on sight, but they were still frightened out if you aim your weapons at them. They also running faster if you miss your shoot.




- More enemies in the Kortz Center Maze, but also there's friends that would help you out to fight Andreas's guard, only if you have enough time to save them from the attackers.

- Miscellaneous Improvements on Ortega Ghost maps.

- Many Ghosts and bosses will attack you on sight, except if they unarmed and only have melee weapons.

- Reward System, now every myth map has its own rewards, Weapons and Money has been placed around it, and packs of money only placed around Boss, and hard to find.

- Bigfoot population has been increased.

- Los Santos Coroner (Morgue) is now much more creepy than before, more undead corpse haunting the place, with a new surprise too.

- Alien population over the UFO Crash at the Mount Josiah has been increased.


- Added 4 New Myths (Not Final List)



1.) Serial Killer








Many of the Serial Killer has now roaming and wander around Sandy Shores, they armed with Marksman Rifle and Heavy Sniper, they were grumpy, and their targets may YOU. Their HQ are located at the abandoned Motel in the Sandy Shore, in that place, there's a woman that must giving a private dance around some perverted Serial Killers, if you rescue her, she could give you a bunch of money.



2.) Homing Human Statue




There's some of Human Statue goons around the Davis Quarts mine that wasn't far from San Chianski Mountain Range, what makes them dangerous is their Homing Missile Launcher, that sounds challenging but don't think you could survive, you'll need a trick to defeat them, and beating them all would give you a great rewards too.



3.) Crazy Juggler






Many of the weird Juggler has been moved to Vespucci Canals, they were roaming around the housing, carrying Firework Launcher, they could make a crazy mess around that place and burn it up, but they also dumb that could burn themselves because they can't aiming very accurately.




4.) Mysterious Drain/Ditch








There's a drain/ditch around the Downtown, and it's going to be repaired and should become a road, but unfortunately there are some of the weird things happened under the drain's door, now it's closed and you could go down to enter the drain by using the marker, but some of the crazy clowns will surprise you, if you successful killing all the clowns, and escape from the drain, you'll enter the Black World, where much more mysterious people will try to hunt you down and you must find a way to escape from there.



It takes many time to finish and I don't have many time to working to it, so please be patient, I'll release the update when it's full ready :)

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