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Radio Del Mundo - iOS version


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Which songs were excluded and which replaced the same on Radio Del Mundo, version for mobile phones?

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Awww, nothing is perfect...

  • Two songs removed so far "I Believe" and "Spin Spin Sugar" from RISE FM.
  • Double Clef FM, Flashback FM, Head Radio, K-Jah, LCFR, Lips 106, MSX FM and Radio Del Mundo are perfectly fine.
  • Both songs by The L.O.X have been removed from LIBERTY JAM.
  • One song ADDED to Radio Del Mundo, "Ah Ya Zein" by Salatin El Tarab Orchestra.
  • Apart from the Radio Station (which are 48Khz VBR MP3), the rest of the audio looks to be ripped from the PS2 version using MFAUDIO - LCS.
Thanks Ash_735!
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