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Add-on vehicles - crash fix notes

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Here's our latest notes, hope it helps a few people out / saves some time etc.



Latest update replaced the game config xml and the dlc list.

See notes below to get things up and running again. You'll want to check the dlc list and delete the mplowrider2 line if it's there.

Also note that you can safely increase the values recommended below for game config. For example add about 50% of the value to give a half-decent buffer for multiple add-ons; increase 900 to 1200, 150 to 320 etc. etc. working fine for us.

Open Task Manager before running game and shut down all useless tasks that wont be needed while gaming. (use caution if unsure)

If running extra case fans for cooling, don't forget to turn them on when recording / editing clips (might help : )

peace - kayesem







Latest update [1.0.678.1] crashing mods?


Delete this line from the dlc list xml -



Ever had the feeling that it's probably unwise to quick-save your game then exit while sitting in a mod vehicle?

Us too.

We have found that you can be standing next to a parked mod vehicle, quick-save, exit, do whatever then reboot into gta v story mode; no problems.

Quite tired recently and rebooting a lot while recording and editing clips for the Delta drift mod, and did a woops quick-save / exit while sitting in a parked mod vehicle. Upon reloading both the controller and keyboard were unresponsive, could not move player or view or anything, but the menu and function keys still worked, so we hit escape and were able to navigate the gta v menu and exit.

Upon reloading; the same problem occurred. In the meantime we had installed 4 new mod vehicles, so we exited and made further changes to our game config, basically just increasing relevant numbers by 50 or 100 or 500, depending on how small/large the initial figures were. This was fine but the actual problem was the same one from before, and not crashing the game, just locking the player within a parked mod car, unable to move.

We solved ^ by bringing up our trainerV menu and teleporting to several random places while also spawning player within random new (native gta) vehicles. Sure enough, this quickly resolved the dramas and broke the spell, with one of the newly spawned vehicles suddenly firing up / lights on / radio going... keyboard and controller once again responding to input. Phew.

Quite a silly issue to encounter, we imagine this one ^ is not exactly common, probably coming about as a result of modding straight after work, instead of catching up on food and rest. We are self-imployed and usually work anywhere from 18 - 32 hours straight. The more sleep deprived we are, the less practical / decision making capacity we're able to maintain.

No big deal anyways, live and learn sorta thing, yeh.






Game Config Fix -


...(only required in case of crashes / issues with multiple add-ons)

a. Open gameconfig.xml in folder:


and change these numbers:


<PoolSize value="900"/>


<PoolSize value="150"/>


<PoolSize value="140"/>


<PoolSize value="800"/>

<PedsForVehicles_Base value="130"/>

<PedsForVehicles value="130"/>

<VehicleMemoryMultiplier value="800"/>

<VehicleUpperLimit value="200"/>

<MaxVehicleModelInfos value="900"/>

<MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="450"/>

(Optional - add item/s to extra title update data:)

b. Open extratitleupdatedata.meta in folder:


and add these lines:

<Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">





^ If your mod folder was named cactustrippin it would look like this:

<Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">





That's it! ☺

If anyone has further info and/or updates, suggestions etc. they would like to contribute, please do so.

Above info is valid and current, to the best of our knowledge, as of - early/mid 2016. Peace

20/03/2016 - Updated to include dlc list fix for latest R* update, found in comments on gta5-mods.

Thanks guys n girls : )






Thanks to - tk0wnz - for this straight-forward TEK on gameconfig xml editing. It can help resolve the modded gta crashing-on-load-screen syndrome.

Yes, please note - we lifted this text directly from a tkmods install pack.

IOW implement at your own risk, we shall not be held responsible for any fairy penguins, exploding computers, disturbances in the wash, etc.

Please take care, pay attention and don't forget to backup files if you are attempting a fix on your own system. The trick mentioned above has worked very well in our experience and we appreciate the efforts involved in making the info available.

To show that appreciation, we are basically passing it on verbatim. If it can help another person, neato.

In our experience, mods that install only 1 or 2 vehicles, and that did not include any dlc_patch folder / content xml file during install; do not need to worry about part b. as detailed above, unless specified in the files & directions of the particular mod being installed. The extratitleupdatedata.meta tag-lines just point to dlc_patch folders which contain a content xml file.

Never-the-less, it can still be a wise move to double check these things, keeping an eye out for mods that do require the extratitleupdate tag-lines to be present in the meta file. Sometimes that part can be over-looked or forgotten during re-install etc.

Adding lines that are not required does not seem to adversely effect the game at all, so it's ok afaik to just add the lines every time during installation sessions. Otherwise, constantly going back and fourth between requirements of different installs can lead to confusion, with lines added that did not need adding, and lines missing that were supposed to have been added.

I see, said the blind man.


blah, etc.

- kayesem


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