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Will Rockstar return to a single protagonist?

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I don't 1 to play with more then 1 male protagonists

And i don't want to play with just 1 protagonist

A female protagonist is needed or else it will feel g *y.

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The only way I would want 3 protags again is if it's made like GTAIV/EFLC, where the protags aren't in the same crew nor big acquaintances of one another. Their stories would be better as 3 separate stories that occasionally cross paths and indirectly affects each other, rather than ones that are deeply intertwined. That would show off different aspects and unique settings of the city, again, just like GTAIV/EFLC did it. I'm thinking only one character would be initially playable, then the others unlock at points midway through the 1st protag's story.


As for mechanically switching characters on the go, I'm kinda iffy about it, I really wasn't a fan of how it was done in V. The protags having their own agency when switching to them pissed me off more times than not, with them being in random places and constantly resetting clothes to bad vanilla outfits. Assuming things are the way I described above, I honestly would be fine with a simple menu switch in to a safehouse.


With all that said, I honestly don't know if I trust multiple protags to be done well. I rather prefer the focus of gameplay and story to be primarily on one character. Basically quality>quantity.

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Razor Cola

I bloody hope not. For me atleast, I like to remember my time playing games with the emotional connection to the main character, was difficult having 3 to play around with and felt that I didn't have enough time between the characters to form a solid connection with any of them. I also didn't enjoy the switching, little cut scenes of whatever they are doing this also broke the momentum. I wouldn't have minded playing just as franklin with michael being a father figure supportive character and trevor being the chaotic, distractive character. 


I don't think they will tbh, my money is on a female character though. 

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Lots of interesting replies.


RDR2 of course went with one single protagonist (well...) and was on the whole a roaring success. Perhaps that will give Rockstar the nod to do the same in VI.


On the other hand, it may be time for a female protagonist. I don't think they'd have a single lead female protag, but I do as part of a duo. I think two protagonists is a possibility.


Another issue is - do Rockstar scrap all the effort they went to in V with character switching? It wasn't included in RDR2, so perhaps they would...



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Posted (edited)

I'd like to see them try the multiple protags thing again but maybe just two of them this time so that we have more time to really connect with them, and I actually think it would be cool if one of them was a woman. They could do kind of a modern Bonnie and Clyde story, a guy and his girlfriend on a massive crime spree across the map of whichever state/s it will be set in, with the law in pursuit. It could be like RDR2 except instead of moving from camp to camp they could be moving from motel to motel.

Edited by JupeShot92

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I think they are gonna stick with multiple 

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I personally think they need to go back to 1 character. The story will be richer; players will be more invested and overall it will be better for it.
Also, I'm totally up for it being a female character next time. It's gotta be Catalina right? I know we're in a different 'universe' but c'mon. lets just get on with the obvious.

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On 4/3/2016 at 2:54 PM, Patrizio said:

What are people's thoughts on this?


Multi protags was one of the biggest changes with GTAV and in some ways, the route of the main gripes due to changing the way missions were undertook (often changing character) and a lack of immersion in the main character.


That said, from Rockstar's point of view, it allows them to appeal to a broader base for cyberpunk fashion and try out character types here they wouldn't normally as a single lead protag.


It'll be interesting to see how many protags RDR3 has.


So, will they keep multi protags or not?

As long as it continues to appease the masses, R* will probably milk that for all it's worth.

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3 minutes ago, mikaljones680 said:

As long as it continues to appease the masses, R* will probably milk that for all it's worth.

Milk what? Three protagonists?


Not sure why you added the Cyberpunk bit in...

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