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Will Rockstar return to a single protagonist?

Recommended Posts

Richie Makyura

Single or Two, if two i prefer one guy and one girl or one guy and a black guy or black guy with a girl. But if gonna be Black i want a new/original personality not a copy of CJ like Franklin.

It could be nice if they make 3 protagonists like it was in GTA 4.


Yea that a better idea, why not a expansion, is better

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I hope so

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I see them going back to a single protagonist, to be honest.


I think it's obvious that the writers had issues building three fleshed out characters and somehow creating a story around them, within the confines of what is possible in a video game.


I feel like I really knew Niko's personality. I knew what made him tick, and I knew his idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies.


With M, F and T, we kind of extrapolate their character based upon the relatively generic aspects. I'm not saying that Niko wasn't a caricature of an Eastern European thug, but we at least had the time to see him.


So for me - either give us a longer, deeper story, or stick to one character.

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Budweiser Addict

I have idea that I have that could retain the focus on one protagonist, yet also retooling the character switch mechanic to make it useful and fun.


So basically, throughout the story you'll meet contacts that you can call for backup similar to Terry and Clay from TLAD. Once you call them, or if a specific mission already has them accompanying you, you're able to switch to and play as that character until the player, or the currently npc controlled protagonist, dies.


So basically these characters don't have safehouses, access to the ingame currency, aren't customisable, etc and only exist whilst around the protagonist. Their vehicles and weapons would be progressively upgraded as you increase their skill through missions/skirmishes they walk out of alive.


I do think the switch mechanic allowed for some story missions to be a lot more dynamic/fun, but definitely toom away from the plot. So why not find a nice middle ground?

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The longer you are with a character the more they can be fleshed out. Having multiple characters limits this and Rockstar have shown they're not good at juggling between them.

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If they go with multiple characters the story would have to be longer to allow proper fleshed out characters, I'd like them to cut down to one character again, it's a difficult balancing act to juggle three characters and tie in the story with them well.

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Trooper Fera

Yes. If not, I won't be purchasing GTA VI.


We can have other protags in expansions, but character switching is stupid, breaks immersion, and would you rather have 3 low quality characters, or 1 high quality one?

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The Paradox

I hope not, I never liked 3 character system. It is just doesn't work with gta, I hope it won't return and I hope we have one character again.

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I would appreciate that they return to a single protagonist system, cause having 3 characters in a single game is kinda confusing, so yeah i'd rather choose having one protagonist with a good story and stuff than having multiple characters with incomplete and confusing stories. Maybe, occasionally they should do some missions where you can control an other character. :)

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from now on all GTA protagonists will be bad. because GTA now is GTAO, and R* wants you to play GTAO. plus i think R* hated how Niko became popular, even after V release

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No thanks. It's bad enough we have to wait forever for the next installment so the last thing I want to do is be stuck with one character that may not like, and I'd rather have just more stuff in general for a main story.


I'd honestly like to see 4 characters this time around with at least 2 each being from the same city then they all come together at some point one way or another in the middle of this amazing story. Sooner or later they're going to have to think about multiple cities because too much time goes by between installments and the fan base is only gonna deep demanding new maps. So the more characters the better I say.

Edited by VictorVince1239

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