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Recommended Posts

Hey Biker!

I'm ManyReason with XB1 The Lost MC. We are The Lost MC Motorcycle Club for the Xbox One! We are always open for recruiting. We are friendly, social, active, and we are fairly new. We are growing with members everyday and we have many activities such as meets, cruises, and more! We had a bunch of people and we had a blast! If you are looking for a simple, active biker gang look no further. My Gamertag is ManyReason.


If you have any questions, feel free to message me! Thanks and happy biking Los Santos!



1) NEVER abandon a patched member. Always stick together regardless if it's a life threatening scenario.


2) We act equal, even though there are higher and superior positions, all patched members of Lost is to be equally. Every member has a voice, although higher ranks fulfill different roles than others.


3) If there is a threat to the gang, the crew leader will decide the outcome, UNLESS something is a reasonable threat to yourself or other(s).


4) If there is a meetup or Lost activity, if you are comfortable and available, you are required to participate.


5) One shall not participate in another biker crew without the crew leaders consent, if you would like to join Lost, this must be your primary crew.


6) The dress code must be followed when you are participating in Lost activities, representing Lost or cruising on your bike.


7) Preferred weapons used-

Machine Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Micro SMG, and AP Pistol. Other weapons are acceptable.


8) You must protect the area(s) that is under control by The lost if the person(s) is a threat to the territory or members.


9) You must act mature and always bare in mind these rules.


10) There is no intentional harm to another member(s).


11) Switching crews is okay, but The Lost MC is required to be your primary crew.


12) Being in this gang is a privilege.



Wear black leather jacket with black t-shirt inside for the top, head doesn't matter (glasses are optional)

Black gloves

Black work boots

Black jeans


Large Lost Crew Emblem on the back of your leather jacket.

This must be followed in order to join.


Vehicle Code:

1) Chopper bikes are a must!

2) No Blazers and lifeguard Blazers. (NO FAGGIOS!)

3) Any color is acceptable on your bike, some kind of black preferred.

4) Car Customization are any.

5) Recommended: Crew Emblem on your bike.



1) Any Lost activities will be announced via XBL messaging

2) Meetups are usually 3-4 times every week.

3) Rules above are present during any Lost activity.




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