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Puncture Wounds , now I Cannot Continue.


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Hi all,

I've been stuck for 12 days now. I've completed the mission "Puncture Wounds" as well as all other open missions in the game. I have completed all Licence training (Driving, Pilot, boating, motorbike) and have 100% skill in all of them as well as bicycle. I Own WANG cars, Hippie Shopper, Zero RC and the burger shot in Venturas, so all delivery missions I know of are done. Can anyone advise me on what to do next? I haven't done any missions in Venturas yet, but they haven't unlocked, HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!

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1. The most common error is Forgetting About the AIRPLANE ICON at the Verdant Meadows Aerodrome.

2. The first "mission" after immediately Completing the "Learning to Fly" is a TELEPHONE call from Wu Zi to "come to the Four Dragons Casino" in South Los Venturas. Icon is a Coiled Golden Dragon.

Edited by lil weasel
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Haven't received the call, no airplane Icon, and no golden dragon. I always save a game in two slots in case it goes corrupt. Do you think that might have happened? wouldn't want to redo it unless it's really neccasary. Also, I have 100% pilot skill, but I got the licence from stealing planes and flying around, not through the pilot school challenges, could that be it? Thanks for the reply.

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Flying prior to the "Learning to Fly" for 13 minutes in the Shamel, or 25 minutes in the Dodo (or One Hour in the Maverick) earns a "Pilot's License" BUT it is really only a Gate Pass to the airports.

Doing the "Learning to Fly" 10 tests and passing each test is the ONLY way to move on in the game.
You say you have earned Gold in each of the "Learning to Fly" Ten tests.

Upon leaving the school room a Mobile Phone call from Wu Zi should have occurred.

It is a very Rare occurrence for a game save to become corrupted, unless the game is Modded, Stolen (Warez/Torrent/Pirated), has certain Cheats, or the machine was turned off while it was saving.


Please, use


To upload your current PC save so someone may examine your game save.

Edited by lil weasel
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