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Damage-proof bikes

Arsen Vitiuk

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Arsen Vitiuk

Is it possible to add a DP property on a bike using the Crusher Glitch? I've tried - no luck whatsoever.

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Lethal Vaccine

Only with CheatDevice by Edison Carter...There is a Video on Youtube of how to do it on PSP using the CheatDevice. However, like you and myself, we don't want Cheated Methods, so it can't be done in normal gameplay...


I wish it could work, though, as there is some amazing Bikes out there that if you could add DP to them, they would be spectacular...


There exists only ONE DP Bike in LCS and it's from the Scrapyard Challenge. All you do is get on the Sanchez, and drive it out of the Junkyard (Failing for Leaving the Junk Yard) and it retains the DP property. WildBrick142 actually found that one by looking into the Scripts. I am sure there is more out there, too, but nobody looks anymore apparently...


If you could convert Bikes to DP, for instance, there would be 4 AP Bikes. You could also make the ultimate Bike DP...H/BP/FP/WP/EC Chrome Red PCJ-600. Adding DP? That would be amazing to have...Without DP? It sucks since any Heavy Vehicle breaks down a lot quicker without them being DP...

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Arsen Vitiuk

What about Wayne's bike (PCJ-600 from Biker Heat)? Isn't it DP? I always thought it is.


Interesting thing about the Scrapyard Challenge. I believe it is possible to take an EC Sanchez from "Red Light Racing" race and use it to start the Scrapyard Challenge, thus making it DP as well.


Thanks for the information!

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Lethal Vaccine

No, that Bike is EP/FP/EC and H/BP/FP/WP/EC...The one I referred to in my previous post above...I got all the variants of the Biker Heat Bikes in my Save, including the one you ride on the for Mission, EC Dark Grey...


Nope. WildBrick already tried that. What happens is the OTHER properties are removed and it just adds DP...Like Grey Imports in SA. Removes ALL properties and just adds EP/FP...


I got the Sanchez and the PCJ-600 from the Races in FP/PP/EC form and those are bloody difficult to get... :p


EDIT: Totally read that wrong...It might work to make it DP/EC...But if you take a BP/EP/FP Sanchez from Bike Salesman and then take it to Scrapyard Challenge it won't be anything but DP in the end...

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Arsen Vitiuk

A shame... But it is possible to get more that way - up to 2 FP/PP/EC Sanchez bikes, and the same ones in DP/EC form (because Red Light Racing can be attempted more than once). Just something to consider for future reference.


I meant the red PCJ-600 Wayne is riding. And I am 100% certain it is NOT WP, as I drown as soon as I ride it into the water.

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Lethal Vaccine



That is the one I am talking about...The one he is riding changes properties. It actually can be BP/FP/EC at a point in the Mission, EP/FP/EC, FP/EC, and the ultimate form, H/BP/FP/WP/EC...Only one way to obtain it in ultimate form...Like shown in jam8tone's Video.


If you don't kill him in the alleyway it's NOT H or WP...If you do, then it is...He shows the properties...It's definitely WP...


I got it on PS2 and iOS in H/BP/FP/PP/WP/EC...Converted it to PP with the Conversion. It's NOT PP to begin with. I also have the EP/FP/EC variant in another Save on PS2...




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Arsen Vitiuk

If you don't kill him in the alleyway it's NOT H or WP...

That's the ticket! I did not kill him in that alleyway! Now I know where to kill him! Thank you very much!

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, since I don't understand the Game Scripts, I can't tell you when the Vehicle shifts in properties, but that Bike has many different changes at different times during the Mission.


Here is how to get it in EP/FP/EC form:




As you can see, it's the SAME Bike, but the properties shifted. You can actually PASS the Mission whilst obtaining the EP/FP/EC PCJ-600 AND the EC Dark Grey PCJ-600. How? Simple. As shown in the Video where jam8tone gets off the PCJ-600 and fails the Mission (Not needed), you can kill Wayne and simply DOUBLE DRIVE both his EP/FP/EC PCJ-600 back to the Garage with the EC Dark Grey PCJ-600. That's how I obtained them in my Save on PS2:




Here is those FP/PP/EC Race Bikes:




If you haven't noticed, I literally obtained EVERY EXISTING Special Vehicle in LCS except 7 of them and these 7 are just EC Vehicles (2 of them being EC Speeders). Every single Proof Vehicle in the history of LCS is obtained as well as all the EC Vehicles, except 7. The only reason I don't have them is cuz 5 of the 7 EC Vehicles come up in Portland, meanwhile max capacity is 4 AND in Portland, as you can see, only 2 Cars can fit, so how would I store 5? I also told you before, that all 8 of my Save Slots are used up. LCS is done... :D:p




EDIT: Hmmm...I got an idea...In III, you can use the Car Jackers as a way to make DP Vehicles, maybe you can do the same thing in LCS, but with the Bikes...Maybe if you had one follow you to the Crusher (like you do in III to make this happen) and have him jack the Bike at the right moment and you jack it back from him as the Magnet does its magic, it might be possible. I am gonna try this one of these days. If it can work, omg...


Also here is everything that exists in LCS and that is obtainable. Some are PSP Exclusive, though, like the H/FP Sindacco Argento, Unique/FP Maverick, H/EP Speeder, etc, etc:


1.0. H/EC Black Kuruma

1.1. FP/EC Cream Rumpo

1.2. EC Dark Brown Patriot

1.3. H/FP Sindacco Argento (1 of 3)

1.4. H Sindacco Argento (2 of 3)

1.5. EC Dark Grey PCJ-600

1.6. EP/FP/EC Chrome Red PCJ-600

1.7. H/BP/FP/WP/EC Chrome Red PCJ-600

1.8. EC Pink Patriot with Chrome Plated Bumpers

1.9. FP/PP/TP/EC Black Thunder-Rodd

2.0. FP/PP/TP/EC Chrome Red Stallion with Red Roof

2.1. FP/PP/TP/EC White Stallion with Grey Roof

2.2. EC White Pony

2.3. H/EC Black Sentinel (1 of 2)

2.4. EC Navy Blue Manana

2.5. EC Light Blue Kuruma

2.6. H Sindacco Argento (3 of 3)

2.7. FP Leone Sentinel

2.8. H/TP/EC Black and White Banshee

2.9. H/EC Black Sentinel (2 of 2)

3.0. FP/EC Black Sentinel

3.1. H/EC Black Bobcat

3.2. EC Chrome Red Stallion with Navy Blue Roof

3.3. PP/PC White Stretch

3.4. Unique/H Ballot Van

3.5. BP/FP/PP Stretch

3.6. EC Black Pony (1 of 2)

3.7. BP/EP/FP Speeder

3.8. H Fire Truck

3.9. Unique/FP Maverick (1 of 3)

4.0. BP/PP/EC Yellow Patriot

4.1. Unique Maverick (2 of 3)

4.2. EC Black Pony (2 of 2)

4.3. FP/PP Barracks OL (Unique Variation)

4.4. AP Forelli Exsess

4.5. EC White Bobcat with Brown Bumper

4.6. EC Light Blue Faggio

4.7. H/PP/WP/EC Yellow Faggio

4.8. EC Light Blue Speeder with White Stripes

4.9. EC Light Blue Speeder with Grey Stripes

5.0. FP Securicar

5.1. Unique Maverick (3 of 3)

5.2. H/EC Chrome Red Rumpo

5.3. EC White Bobcat with Grey Bumper

5.4. PP/EC Light Blue Stinger

5.5. EP/PP Securicar

5.6. PP Vehicles (Anything You Want)

5.7. H/EP Speeder

5.8. Unique/BP/FP/PP Avenger

5.9. H/BP/FP/PP/TP/EC/PC Brown and Blue Landstalker

6.0. DP Vehicles (Almost Anything You Want)

6.1. BP/EP/FP Cars (Cheetah, Stinger, Banshee, BF Injection, Patriot, Bobcat, Stallion, Idaho, Esperanto, Perennial, and Manana)

6.2. BP/EP/FP Bikes (PCJ-600, Sanchez, Freeway, and Faggio)

6.3. TP Vehicles (Taxi, Cabbie, Sentinel, Leone Sentinel, Sindacco Argento, Patriot, Rumpo, Pony, Moonbeam, and Perennial)

6.4. Heavy Vehicles (9MM Mayhem - PCJ-600, Yardie Lobo, and Patriot)

6.5. Heavy Vehicles (Scooter Shooter - Mr. Whoopee, Stinger, and Cartel Cruiser)

6.6. EC Black Vehicles (AWOL Angel - Landstalker and Patriot)

6.7. FP/PP/EC PCJ-600 (Red, Blue, or White)

6.8. FP/PP/EC Sanchez (Red or Blue)

6.9. FP/PP/TP/EC Hellenbach GT (Red, Blue, or White)

7.0. FP/PP/TP/EC Deimos SP (Red, Blue, or White)

7.1. FP/PP/TP/EC Cheetah (Red or Blue)

7.2. DP Sanchez

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Arsen Vitiuk

Someone in Rockstar did quite a good job putting in more Special Vehicles than all 8 save games together would hold.


If you happen to have another memory card, you could get those 7 EC vehicles and save your game there... Just for the sake of it. (This does not mean you have to buy another memory card if you don't have one to spare - just a suggestion).


I will have to check out if completing the Scrapyard Challenge actually makes the Sanchez remain DP as well... Or is the DP property removed upon completion?

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Lethal Vaccine

Same in SA...77 spots in ONE Save to store Vehicles, yet over 100+ in the Game...SA and LCS are hands down the kings of the Series for Special Vehicles...


However, with the many Save Slots, you COULD get all of them in SA if you wanted, unlike LCS. However, if I wanted to, I could just delete Slots 2 through 8 (they are already backed up on my PC, USB Drive, and 6 Memory Cards) and then get these remaining Vehicles using the 48% Starter Save in Slot 1, but I don't really need these and none of them are all that difficult anyways...I already got all the good ones and the most challenging ones...Just like in VCS, I have more Save Slots and could easily get more Vehicles I don't have yet, it's just I literally DON'T WANT TO. What I have in that game is also all the good ones and challenging ones. Everything else I don't have is either easy to get, or just FP or EC Vehicles, etc. All the ones with the most properties and challenging ones are obtained already...


I play on a Backward Compatible PS3...Infinite "Internal Memory Cards." Since it's Backward Compatible, it plays any PS1 and PS2 Disc. I own a brand new PS2 Slim I bought 11 months ago, though. I have it in the box still, only opened it to test it and the Memory Cards and what not, and then put it back in the box to keep it away from dust particles, etc. My BC PS3 is in perfect condition and doesn't have any problems, but things DO die eventually. So I have that brand new PS2. All my Saves are on the PS3 Hard Drive, my PC, a USB Drive, and 6 Memory Cards...I won't lose a single thing...Ever.


WildBrick142 already tried that. All this information is in the Unique Vehicle Guide, btw...But yeah, if you pass the Scrapyard Challenge, the DP property is removed...


If you want to know, I don't have the EC Dark Brown Patriot, EC Pink Patriot with Chrome Plated Bumpers, EC White Pony, EC Navy Blue Manana, EC Light Blue Kuruma, EC Light Blue Speeder with White Stripes, and EC Light Blue Speeder with Grey Stripes...Only 7...Plus, you can't obtain these Speeders in the same Save. Impossible, and they are from the same Mission...I also can't obtain any of the other EC Vehicles (all found in Portland) either in the same Save, besides the Manana and Kuruma. It's pointless to do 100% Saves (already did 14) and only obtain ONE or TWO Vehicles in the entire Save. I made an exception for my 7th Save on PS2, where I only obtained the BP/EP/FP Speeder and H/DP/PP/TP/EC Banshee, since these were the last Proof Vehicles I needed to obtain every existing one in the Game. 74 Vehicles on PS2, 12 Vehicles on iOS. If anything, I would get the missing Vehicles on iOS Saves. I will lay PS2 to rest for LCS. I did everything I wanted to...

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Locked upon OP request.

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