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Rocking Shiv

Comics & Graphic Novels

Recommended Posts


There is a Batgirl film coming by Joss Whedon, though I'm not sure if it's been confirmed which Batgirl it will portray yet.

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I'm happy about that. Gail Simone's Batgirl was good.

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Homemade Dynamite

I knew it was Barbara from the start. I don't have any problems with her, I just wish they'd give Cass a chance. I somehow doubt that the DCEU will have Barbara paralyzed by Joker and become Oracle with her position as Batgirl replaced by Cass like in the comics, because they want their stars front and center. I just don't understand why she was never used outside the comics, despite appearing in over 400 issues since her '99 debut, having a large fanbase, headlining her own series for nearly six years, and remaining as a part of the Batfamily. Who's the exec who decided to not even try to include her? Even when she was at her most prominent in the comics, they would always use Barbara for Batgirl in adaptations. It's especially mindboggling in the Arkham games, since they have just about everyone else and Barbara is Oracle so the Batgirl position was unfilled. This would've been the perfect time to include her, given their attention to the mythos.


Considering DC was so quick to support the Jaime Reyes version of Blue Beetle after he was introduced, I don't get the refusal to even acknowledge her. I just think she has a really cool story and would have awesome fight scenes in motion, if she were ever adapted.

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El Dildo

ok so over the weekend we were moving sh/t around in the spare bedroom/office so that we can repaint the walls.

before we started painting I was pulling stuff out of the closet and stumbled across my Sonic the Hedgehog box again. took the opportunity to rearrange the collection and put them all in explicit order, end to end. laid them out first to match everything up. this is the only 'complete' collection like this I've ever had and will probably ever have because I don't otherwise care about collecting comics. but check this out.




every single Archie comic in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe representing the original #0 through #100 including spinoffs. and then recently I went and bought #200 just to have it.

Edited by El Diablo

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I put these up the other day. Theres six issue, but for some reason I only got five frames. Im a sucker for Alex Ross. Thinking of doing the same for my Secret Wars (2015) books...



Edited by darthYENIK

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El Dildo

decided to buy one of those long/tall storage boxes made specifically for comics.

it's obviously better to keep them stood up instead of stacked on top of each other, long term.




need to buy some proper dividers next with solid labels.

right now I'm just using empty bag boards and writing with sharpie on top of the fold.









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Ive got three long boxes, sorta. One for Marvel, one for DC, a short box (1/2 a long box) for Walking Dead, and another shorty for everything else. But theyre just sitting around, except for TWD one, since Ive pretty much stopped collecting for the last year or so. I saw that there was a Deadpool vs Old Man Logan book that came out this week, and I got close to going down to my LCS and adding a ton of books to my pull list. I just cant, though. Dont have the money to put down right now, and I know I cant resist spending $30-$40 a week. Comics are too expensive these days.


That said, I am doing a free trial for Comixology Unlimited, and catching up on some books Ive always wanted to read but never got around to. Punisher Max, pretty much anything Daredevil, but mainly The Man Without Fear, and Cable & Deadpool. Im probably gonna have to keep the subscription. $6 a month isnt bad. Sure beats buying all of these books for $15+ for TPBs. The only downside, no DC.


Edit: just looked, I actually have three long boxes and one short. The misc box is actually long.

Edited by darthYENIK

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Was tempted by Comixology Unlimited my self, but it isn't a case of a rotating selection of books rather than a permanent library you can read when you want? Marvel Unlimited is great in that regard, the app was a bit wonky last time I used it though, albeit that was a couple of years ago. Annoying that DC don't have a similar service though, trying to find their Fourth World stuff has been a pain in the arse for me lately.

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DC really needs to jump on the digital stuff. Marvel isnt always at the cutting edge, but theyre really trying to see the future and adapt. Im fine with paying $4 for a comic if it has a digital copy. That way I can at least keep the physical stuff in good condition, in case I want to sell it, but still have a digital copy to read.


I havent been collecting as Ive said, but I do remember DC occasionally sold physical books with digital codes, but they were $6 or something like that.


Why not just join Comixology Unlimited or make their own platform? Its a great way to bring in new readers. They dont have to drop a hundred dollars on Batmans greatest hits, to get hooked, if they have them on a digital platform for under $10 a month. Even I, am old comic reader, feels like getting new comics after reading some classics like Punisher Max and East of West.

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Marvel actually tried to stop offering a digital copy with a physical purchase for whatever reason, but backtracked after the inevitable backlash. There's really so much both of them could do though with services like that, when releasing films create read-lists with comics and runs the films pulled from etc, especially with a story like Infinity Gauntlet with Infinity War coming out next year.


But yea, I'd straight up sub to a DC Unlimited to read a bunch of stuff that's hard/impossible to get ahold of, I've read so much Marvel stuff now it's not particularly worth it outside niche/bad runs for me but trying to find easy and affordable ways to read DC's back catalogue is basically impossible atm.

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Francesco Bonomo

My very first comic that I have purchased in my life was The Punisher: War Journal #32. It cost me I think 5 dollars. I was only 7 years old in 1995 and I discovered a comic shop in Jersey City that was selling quality comics.


This particular comic I enjoyed very much but it wasn't my favorite. Once I got enough money the next week from my parents, I purchased #1-7. Making #7 my favorite.


From then on I began collecting comics. First it was all Punisher then Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, and DC comics as well. My dream was to one day make my own comic book, but I can't draw for sh*t lol.


Always wondered if it possible to make one from GTA V. Maybeeeeeee.


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