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Grand Theft Auto: Cards Against Humanity


Recommended Posts


"Play your cards right..."


Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings

It is 1993. Fresh from Liberty City, junior CIA agent Isaac Pierce is sent to San Andreas by his superiors to help work on the CIA's case on Carl Johnson, a street thug turned multi-millionaire.

When he arrives, little does Pierce know what's in store for him, as he is given multiple tasks that will test his abilities as a CIA agent.

Chapter 2: The Unlikely Ally

​Coming soon

Chapter 3: The Wild Card

Coming soon






Isaac PierceThe funny but not so witty protagonist of Cards Against Humanity. He has been working for the CIA for five years however he has not yet received a promotion since he got the job, some think it's because of his pacifistic nature. He will, however, do things with no regret if he deems it right.Mike TorenoPierce's superior during his stay in San Andreas. Known for his jobs, problems, gigs, whatever you call them, Toreno does fulfill his promises to the many men he has employed. He later gets promoted to senior CIA agent and brags about it 24/7 to his colleagues.Agent YPierce's second superior and good friend during his stay in San Andreas. Not much is known about him, mostly because he refuses to share his real name. He, however, has proven he is loyal to Pierce and will stand by his side most of the time.Oscar GarnettA childhood rival of Pierce, who has been bugging his life since the two of them joined the CIA. Often insulted for his weight, Garnett is, however, an experienced CIA agent and unlike Pierce, was only sent to San Andreas when it was deemed necessary.Carl JohnsonPierce's reason for coming to San Andreas. He is a gangster from the Grove Street Families and turned into a multi-millionaire in a span of 15 months. He has connections with several key people in the entire state, and is definitely not a man to be messed with.[/table]




CHAPTER 1: The Humble Beginnings


The Not So Pleasant WelcomeINTRO

Copperband ButterfliesTBD

A Certain Trust IssueTBD

Murderer In The MakingTBD

Snow In The SaharaTBD


Walking On BoomshineTBD

Dumbasses In DespairOUTRO[/table]

Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings


Will be released soon.


Mission timer is 2 missions per 7 days.

Project is currently being restarted.

Edited by Chips237
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I like the idea of investigating Carl's case.

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This looks kinda refreshing to the dyom community, something like new or something.


I'll play your missions and give you feedback when i'm done.

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Hey chips! Good to see some old designers coming back.

Hope you'll finish this MP!

Hope you make the last 3 missions on Hard difficulty since rest of the missions are Easy

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You are finally back. Will add this on my list of MPs that i should play.

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The first chapter is now finished!

Download link is on the original post.

Kindly read the Readme file (don't read the spoiler section if you don't want to be spoiled) before playing the storyline.

If you see any problems with the storyline kindly inform me ASAP so I can work on it.

Edited by Chips237
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Umm so I don't know how to install as I only got a DSL file...

EDIT: Ok got itt :p Had to put it in GTA SA User Files.

Edited by ShadowRageEX
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  • 7 months later...

Hey guys, I've decided to recontinue this, but I decided to change from a storyline to an episodic MP, meaning missions are released one at a time and every "episode" will either be a new case or will pick up from a previous case. The story will be kept, just the way it is told will be changed.

I will be replacing the first chapter entirely, but for the meantime I will leave it here for you guys to play. Please tell me what you think about it so I may improve on what I have done before.

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Good to see you back, Chips.

I'll definitely check this out sometime.

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