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What it's like to be a gamer in a third world country


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First off, mad props to MS Support for being friendly and trying literally everything they can to be as helpful as possible.

I personally know how stressful customer support can be and just how aggressive and entitled customers can be.

So I'm glad I was able to maintain a friendly conversation with 2 of them.


Secondly... Some of you know the struggle, right? This place has a lot of people from all over the world. Some of you have to know how uncooperative these companies are.

I try to play ball with them, but Microsoft isn't having any of it.

I had a very particular problem, with a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption.


It gets a lot better at the end, in case you wanna skim through the start.



I don't know, I just wanted to bring this up. If any of you people have a fix or anything, I'm all ears.

I tried using a VPN before. I don't remember how, but I ended up surrounded by a PC, laptop and Xbox, and was physically trapped. As in, I had to crawl under my chair to get out.

Some might ask... Why not just buy it physically? Well, because a physical copy of Red Dead for the 360 in Egypt costs more than a console does in US, and I don't piss money.

Why didn't I go with PS or PC? Well, Xbox was the only one that had both Halo and Red Dead Redemption. Ironically enough, both are region locked.




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I read through all of it. I really do love MS support. I've had to contact them several times due to my consoles screwing up and they're really good. Got everything done in less than 10 minutes each time.


Don't know how to fix your problem though. I know the PS3 is region free. You wouldn't be able to play Halo, unfortunately, but you'd be able to play Red Dead.


Hope you get everything fixed buddy.

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I think countries like China are banning or restricting gaming ,because of Western influences,which is so cruel,when the kids live in a totalitarian society.But it must be such a fantastic escape for those living in these sad circumstances.

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