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Toxic Reapers MG Is now recruiting!


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Toxic Reapers MG is now recruiting for XBox 360. We are a free aim club that does not follow the typical unwritten rule of GTA MC's. We are a motorcycle gang (MG) and our rules are listed below. If interested then join our prospect chapter today.


TRMG Prospect: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/trmg_prospect


TRMG Rules:


1. When you have TRMG set as active crew and you're in a public lobby, You are to wear your patch along with fitting club attire.

(You are free to wear and play any way you want when TRMG is not set as active or in a private lobby)



2. Killing your club brothers/sisters in public lobby is prohibited and can result in being kicked.

(Accidents can happen but if it's intentional then it'll be dealt with.)



3. Allowed bikes: Western Bagger, Western Deamon, LCC Hexer, LCC Innovation, Western Sovereign, Dinka Thrust and Dinka Vindicator

(When TRMG is set as active muscle cars are acceptable in public lobby if necessary and you can shoot from cars and use them to get to the club FMW quicker. Prospects must ride their bikes. Any bike or car is allowed in private lobby)



4. Allowed weapons: All Handguns, All Assault Rifles, All Sniper Rifles, All Shotguns, All MG's, Sticky Bombs, All Melee Weapons.

(RPG'S and Grenade Launchers are allowed to remove enemy from their bike or vehicle)




5. Can not use Tank, Insurgent, Attack Helicopters or any other Military style vehicle UNLESS they are being used on you. (These vehicles are allowed when TRMG is not set as active or in private lobby)



6. If Toxic Reapers MG gets in a FMW then all members need to join and have their club brothers/sisters back. (A FMW can only be started with three or more members on. Don't be a dick and ignore the invite!)



7. We only attack if we're attacked first. (If a club doesn't fire then don't fire back. Let them make the first move)



8. We don't do allies but ceasefires can be made.




9. Be mature and respectful to all members of Toxic Reapers MG. If a member is giving you trouble then let someone know and it will be dealt with.




10. TRMG Does not tolerate racism, sexism nor bashing of someone's religion or sexual preference. (No excuses!)



11. If you are outnumbered and nobody is on XB then leave the lobby. (Check rule 6 and 7)



12. We don't do TDM's with other clubs/gangs/crews. (We are not a TDM club. We only do TDM's for club shooting practice.)



13. You must get KIK and be active in chat.


14. TRMG will have mandatory church and meet up every Wednesday and Sunday. Time will be determined by club vote. (We will do Shooting practice, custom races, missions, club rides and go into public lobby)


15. There is no Pres, VP or officer positions in TRMG. Every member will be equal and have a say in votes.


16. During club church prospects will wait outside clubhouse to guard and will not be included in private party chat until meeting is over.


17. Prospecting will be 4 days with no exceptions. Prove you want to be in the club and earn your spot.


18. Must be 16+, mature and have a mic.


19. You are free to be in other crews but we must be your only MC/MG.


(We understand its a game and you want to play with your friends. Just be active on mandatory meet days and on club kik chat)

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