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How should disk space be used?

Ray Carter

How should disk space be used?  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. How should disk space be used?

    • Higher Detail
    • More Vehicles
    • More Weapons
    • More Missions
    • More Interiors
    • Bigger Map
    • Other

Recommended Posts

One theory on cut beta content is that stuff was removed due to limited disk space.

When creating a GTA game, how do you think Rockstar should use disk space?


Higher Detail

Higher Poly Models and larger Textures to add more detail.


More Vehicles

Different Vehicle Models of the same class and other random and novelty vehicles.


More Weapons

Similar to above, Different Models of the same class. Similar to Call of Duty.


More Missions

Longer story mode and more random character encounters.


More Interiors

More accessable buildings and detailed interiors.


Bigger Map

Overall larger map area. Whole State, and/or multiple Cities.



Maybe more clothing/outfits. More/Longer Radio Stations. More Gameplay Features such as Gambling, Character Customization like Muscle and Fat.


My vote goes towards More Interiors and Missions. I'd like to see more building accessable such as a wider choice of restaurants and clothing stores. Also, more houses like places to break into and rob. A longer storyline would be good too, and even when the story is finished, new stories to begin with random characters. More Gameplay options would be nice too such as added character customization and more clothing combinations.


GTA V graphics are pretty awesome, and I don't think much improvement can be done with using higher poly models and larger textures. I'm also bored much of the recent download content with adding new Vehicles and Weapons. I don't think a bigger Map would interest me either as it would only provide options as where to live, hang out and then ignore the rest of the Map.

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i voted for more missions, more interiors and more vehicles because i think those are the main components of a gta game, the radio doesnt have to be too long and gta v and just cause 3 are proof that a bigger map doesnt equal a better one. online also doesnt need to be included in the disk, it could just be a downloadable thing since we got it 2 weeks later than gta v's launch back in 2013.



speaking of downloadable content, i dont think disk space is an issue for rockstar because they are experts in releasing free updates with more items and things to keep online alive and relevant. but what i would really like to vote for is the "release a finished game next time" option.

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Given that the only reason GTA games are huge is because of audio and the map, I'll be voting map.

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Voted for more missions and bigger map, and "other", whatever that means.


Higher Detail - Not a graphics whore, but why not? As long as it isn't an attempt to compensate for the sh*tty story and/or gameplay like some games do (I'm looking at you, COD) :)

More Vehicles - Not a vehicles expert, but why not? :)

More Weapons - GTA V had MORE than enough weapons... and you could carry them all in your pocket

More Missions - I heard that people were complaining about how long GTA IV was, so they made GTA V's main story rather short. I wouldn't mind a longer game, as long as it isn't as repetetive as GTA IV was, and as long as the story is good (GTA V's storyline + strangers & freaks is almost as long as IV) :)

More Interiors - Interiors were never a "thing" in GTA, but why not.

Bigger Map - The map in GTA V is big enough, and the one in GTA IV is just small. The problem with GTA V is, as beautiful and detailed as it is, the majority of the map is lifeless and there aren't much reasons for you to explore it.

Other - More gameplay features would been cool, as long as they don't make the game another RPG or something like that. I wish they make the game more realistic, challenging and hard.

Edited by BlackSnow176
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Higher detail: Always welcomed by me, be it graphics or detailed features, places, etc..


More vehicles: I LOVE cars, so the more the merrier(as long as we don't get 234 versions of the vehicle);


More weapons: We have enough already;


More missions: If that translates into a better detailed and developed storyline, with interesting and likable characters, then I'm all for it.


More interiors: By heavens, yes! whats the f*cking point of getting a beautifully detailed map if we can't enter it's buildings and interact with the enviroment in it? Not only we need places to go but we also need stuff to do in those places, and having more interiors would be great for that;


Bigger Map: Yes I'd love that, specially if we can get more than one major city in the map and a proper layout which makes the experience of driving from A to B more enjoyable.


Other: More musics, with more varied styles from different time periods and more gameplay features.


I don't care about character customization at all, that's just ridiculously pechant IMO, I'd be fine if we can just get some predefined outfits and be able to buy more at the shops.


Now if you ask me about vehicle customization then hell yes, more options for it are always welcome on my part, NFS Underground 2 and Carbon were the gaming heaven for me in that regard.

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Polygons, textures, and graphics just depend on the hardware and optimization available.


The map in V is big but the city itself is very small and a lot of the map is empty hillside that is completely useless because it is in the corner of the map and doesn't even create a sense of distance. The city is so cramped the freeways are a complete mess and ugly.


On the other hand the maps in San Andreas was good and in Midnight Club 2 were amazing.


The streets are always the most important thing on the map above all else but V does streets extremely poorly.


Vehicles, weapons, interiors, and exteriors are really the same thing - content. I want more detail and less copy paste for the first two, and I want more copy paste and less detail for interiors and exteriors. There are always a lot of filler vehicles in these games and that is fine but there should never be filler weapons and buildings.


Rockstar does missions well. I like their pacing and variety. A lot of games suffer from too many bad mission or uneven scripting.


So in short I have no idea how I should vote in your poll to express how I want disc space to be used.


Also I don't think they care about disc space so much as not having enough time to finish the cut content.

Edited by ngazi
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More missions, detail and interiors. But detail covers everything, the more detail the better. If everything about the game was highly detailed, it would be an amazing game.


V is already way too cluttered with pointless weapons and novelty vehicles. How about some balance? That'd work.

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Placed my vote for More Missions.. I think V had a decent amount of missions, but IV and SA were longer (from what I remember). I'd love it if they also added new interiors as well, maybe more activities. Before they get to that, though, they definitely need to focus on having a much stronger structure and outline.


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i would like more missions, higher detail and more interiors. The current LS would be infinitely better if you could go inside a lot of the buildings and half of the map wasn't wasted on barren mountains.

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My votes went to higher detail, more interiors, and bigger map as the world is first and foremost been what attracts me to a GTA game. Regarding vehicles, weapons, and while not on the list, clothing, I feel that GTA V launched with a fair selection of each (with plenty more these days) and I would have preferred a deeper level of customization over a greater selection of this sort of stuff.


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Sir Michael

I'm in for bigger maps, more interiors and more details. For the details, I want to see cars look much more enhanced, especially the interiors and the rear-view mirrors if GTA VI brings back first-person view. It would make driving cars in first-person way more immersive and fun. Another detail enhancement I'd like to see is a far more advanced version of a character creator for multiplayer, something on the line of Saints Row and Fallout 4 combined. It'd be really cool to change our character's size and faces to what we want instead of being forced to use those funky parents. The cosplaying thread in the Online section would have a field day.

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Hard to vote on this because most options are literally negligible on disc space.


Textures and music/media, those are the big things. Everything else is tiny in a video game.


Code, tiny, like 50 to 100mb on even the biggest most bloated games.


Models? Very very small footprint.


Music, media (videos) and textures are the heavy things.

Edited by TheHumanIsland
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Higher Detail Vehicle, in particular to Police/Emergency Vehicles.

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Missions. We need a decent story to expand our knowledge of the HD Universe.

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For me it's more missions (means you can play the game for longer/you have more things to do) > bigger map > more vehicles.


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lolz. missions and car detail, none of that takes up disc space, guys!


It can use more cpu and ram, but it is negligible on a disc space :p

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lolz. missions and car detail, none of that takes up disc space, guys!


It can use more cpu and ram, but it is negligible on a disc space :p

Most disk space is taken by Audio Files and music, thats why most GTA games have a huge amount of GB to download.

I think there was an article not too long ago that described these problem in the AAA industry overall.

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Yep XenoxX, audio video and textures. Textures are a huge portion as well as the audio and video files.

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I don't care what the developers place more emphasis on, so long as the majority of the disk space is single player content.

If Rockstar want to make GTA great again, like how Donald Trump wants to make America great again, then Rockstar will have to return to giving a quality single player experience.

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I don't care what the developers place more emphasis on, so long as the majority of the disk space is single player content.

If Rockstar want to make GTA great again, like how Donald Trump wants to make America great again, then Rockstar will have to return to giving a quality single player experience.

"Make Rockstar Games Great Again!"

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I think its time a developer releases a nice disc with 2 sides again :p

One side story....one side singleplayer woud be fun :)

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Moving Idiot

More missions, more interiors and a bigger map are a couple of big ones. GTA V already had enough weapons, vehicles and was detailed enough. (though more couldn't hurt, but it shouldn't be their priority)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've voted for more weapons, larger map and more interiors, and other.


I could want to see much weapons available in the modifiable Single Player, as they to have same amount in both SP and MP, not like current annoying state with GTA V - MP (GTA Online) to have has much more weapons and another content than SP (StoryMode)!


I hope to have large map of United States like news leaks for GTA VI. About interiors - I want to be more like in GTA IV / EFLC - it's absurdly, but the smaller GTA EFLC's map in fact has lots of more accessible interiors in free roam compared to the HUGE GTA V's map! I don't know why R* made majority of interiors in Los Santos inaccessible outside missions, so I can mostly explore only outdoor the city - streets, bridges, parks, also countryside, but almost all of the enterable buildings in both Los Santos and countryside cannot be entered! For comparison, on Liberty City in GTA IV only few (around 5-6 interiors) are locked, but the most majority of them are fully accessible anytime.


As others, I've for more clothing for SP! Here applies same absurd as weapons - GTA Online players has much more choices for clothing they can purchase and use compared to StoryMode protalgonists...

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