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Recommendations regarding MP/SL posting

Recommended Posts


As of this date and time, everybody will be reset to zero. (Also includes new members whom will start at zero too.)

Topic Layout

-Story (necessary)

-Characters (if judged necessary)

-Downloads (necessary)

-Sections divided by headers, etc. (necessary)

-Logo (if any)

-Theme song (if any)

-Extra (if any)

Topic Requirements

-One mission designed when topic is made (main objective)

-Screenshot/video teaser(s) (alternative)

-Beta mission / storyline (alternative)

Topic Timer

-Designer can choose his timer (deadline):

-One mission every four days

-Two missions every seven days

-If the timer has passed and no progress was made, the topic will be locked:

-Half the duration of the deadline on first offend;

-Full duration of the deadline on second offend;

-Full + half duration of the deadline on third offend;

-Double duration of the deadline on fourth offend;


New Projects

-If a new project is started meanwhile another one is in progress OR if previous one is cancelled, an obligatory minimum of two missions must already be made for this new project when new topic is posted. (No alternatives)

-If no missions are delivered on creation of the topic, it will be locked until the two missions are done.

-The obligatory minimum can go up to eight required missions (maximum).

-If the eight required missions is reached, no new mission packs / storylines may be created:

-Until a previous one is completed


-After a month (first offend);

-After two months (second offend);



-DYOM Contest Missions

-Winner of the most promising mission pack

-Winner of the most promising storyline

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