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www.ROAR-RACING.CO.UK Events & Meets (XBOX 1)

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yello cactus

Hi guys just a TT race update. Important news.

The Supers class has been turned on its head by the recent DLC but the new cars look so awesome and we know people who have them will want to run them, so we have come up with a plan; drivers can choose their ride.

The drivers will be allowed to pick any car available in the GTA game supers class. However we will split the leader board as follows.


Race Spec Cars - Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1, Progen TYRUS
Road spec Cars - T20, x80 and all other super cars in the class

Drivers can only run one lap, and therefore need to choose between which leader board they will compete on.

The Lobby's will run the together in the normal way, nothing else will change and both road and race spec will be running on track together.

Please guys, we have had a nice race style update so lets turn up dressed for part. Paint your vehicles choose a matching racing suit and helmet and let set some blistering times !


Steve & Cactus

We will run TWO lobbies for the next race. Again drivers will be allocated and earlier or later Lobby. PLEASE DON'T WAIT FOR AN INVITE, just join either Steve or Cactus through the online tab in gta.

Edited by yello cactus

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yello cactus

The Hyper/Super car TT race will be on Saturday, 23 July at 2315BST


Join me 'yello cactus' or 'Steve dogg 51' from 2300BST with your finest Hyper car or Supercar :)

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yello cactus


Tonights ROAR TT is postponed. Apologies guys but real world life comes first and for reasons i'm not going into; there won't be a ROAR TT meet tonight.

It will go ahead, just not tonight.

Once again, sorry

Steve & Yello

Edited by yello cactus

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steve dogg 51



gt steve dogg 51


full details www.roarracing.co.uk

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