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GTA V Dithering and Stripple Research and Fix

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The result visible on the last screen on the left is very nice, but does not it break anti-aliasing?

I don't think so... I had taken some screenshots with AA enabled but now my screenshots folder is so messy that I can't really find it.

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Hmmm, I've tried that and I've found this:









Unfortunately, the fix has its drawbacks.

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Awesome job, now I can actually play without suffering. Can you BlackScout or robi29 provide your patched default.fxc? I don't really know how to calculate and apply this checksum. Also which one should I patch, "common.rpf/default.fxc" or "update/update.rpf/default.fxc"?

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It's sad that problem is solved but there is no mod or anything, only screenshots of fixed game. I asked BlackScout on PM for some files, but they doesn't seem to work on my game. However I'm a filthy pirate, so maybe that's the reason.

You can give it a try:





There are 2 folders of 2 variants and according to him, you have to replace:


in your game files.

Tell if it works for you or not.

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I would have investigated this further but I am just too lazy.
There are no proper tools that can make editing those files easier... So.

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the left one is problem 100% solved, cone sh*t is just r* trick, same with lost transparency, there is just no true semi-transparency in deferred rendering

Anyway, does it work for you at this moment? I mean these files you sent me?

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This may be because Rockstar still uses deferred shading in GTA V, straight from GTA IV but in a DX10/11 game (allowing MSAA*). Transparency (needed for many reasons) using this technique usually needs dithering as this kind of shading doesn't like it, and that's why reversing the code will break glass shaders. It's called screen-door transparency and it's used used for polygon-fill, in this case, it might be why the Vinewood antenna looks super skinny once the effect is reversed, because polygon-fill is used to make LODs look better, at the expense of having to use dithering for transitions.


Also likely more an engine thing than a last-gen port performance tradeoff, because RDR2 screens still have a sh*tton of alpha dithering.



DirectX 10 introduced features allowing shaders to access individual samples in multisampled render targets (and depth buffers in version 10.1), giving users of this API access to hardware anti-aliasing in deferred shading.

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