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Burner Boyz Lowriders and MC recruiting today (PC)


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The Burner Boyz

Who are the Burner Boyz? Two hustlers from Davis named Sleazyboy and Chefleedle had a hard life growing up in the gang riddled streets of Davis. Together they founded the "Burner Boyz Lowriders" to try and claim their turf back from other local gangs. Usually identified by their green attire or lowrider style vehicles, they can be a formidable and intimidating gang. Together their passion for Lowriders are great but they both had great respect for street bikes and the biker community. Tired of seeing all streets ran by Motorcycle Clubs that were American only bikes they decided to start the "Burner Boyz MC" based out of there home turf Davis with the help of there established reputation. Today we are still trying to expand our empire and numbers, If you would like some more information or are interested in joining please do not hesitate to apply!

Burner Boyz Homepage - Register and Apply here!


Burner Boyz Lowriders- Open invite, For the casual player. VIP, Heists, Missions, Car shows, Team Deathmatch, and much more

Burner Boyz Prospects- For those interested in prospecting into our main crew the Burner Boyz MC. More for people into roleplaying as a street biker crew.

Burner Boyz MC- Our main crew. Please if you are interested in joining the MC apply on the prospect page and on our website.


Contact the President

Edited by BurnerBoyz
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Yo meet these dudes and rode with them last night good bunch of boys. Good luck with the crew recruitment buddies

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