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Adding Vehicle Classes


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I think Rockstar should make a new vehicle class that consists of racecars, custom sports cars and rally cars. This class would essentially be ranked in between Sports cars and Super cars and would include the Massacro R, Jester R, Sultan RS and Banshee 900R. It would add balance to the Sports class and Super class; in addition, it would add the possibility of more cars to be added to the class. For instance, they could enable players to customise the Sentinel XS, Feltzer, Penumbra and the default Kuruma at Benny's shop, and upgrade them to that class.


It would also be good if they gave Lowrider/Custom vehicles their own class. And maybe even sub-classes for Motorcycles (Sports, Choppers, Off-Road and Scooters.)

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Arrows to Athens

That's it, you're hired. Vice president? No, CEO! It's a pleasure to have you as part of our company, where the grass is green, and so is the money! We shall also put you into the vehicle classing department.

Edited by Fearx--
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Expecting a dev that has incorrect stats on their cars in their in-game product pages to fool people that also has has never made any attempt to fix it to ever balance car classes. I just don't.

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think the classes are o.k just need expanding with for example, hot rods and drag racers


many of us like a good drag race to see who has the fastes car

and in combination with benny's mods this could be a gold mine

tuner parts, big blocks, electronic gearboxes, race clutches....anyway you get the idea ;)

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I like this idea, just add a tuner class with cars like the Warrener, Futo, Penumbra etc... and I'm in.


Edit: Also, a sub-class option would be nice for races, especially for the classes like off-road where there is so much variety.


This way you could still have races where all vehicles of that type were allowed, or you could choose to only use vehicles like bikes, trucks, dune buggy's (Like Biftas, Injections, THE Dune buggy) etc...

Edited by speeddemon0322
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A big NO

Why ?

Instead of creating a new class, which would basically be a second sports class, only now limited to the few vehicles with livery.
Which would be useless, needless and certainly unbalanced (because people will want to add other "racecars" from other classes -example, let's say the dominator and other racecars from single player-)

They should instead FIX the classes of the Sultan RS and Banshee 900R and put them back into Sports, where they belong.

That way you're not limited to the few cars with livery, but you can also choose the cars that you can customize as "look alike race cars" without livery (Feltzer etc) too ! And have a class with lot of variety (I'm talking aesthetically), and personnality !
Woooha, mind blown.

There is zero need to create a special class for these cars, they would be perfect as Sports.

Now will they even fix that ? Probably not.
The only time I remember them changing the class of a car was back in 2013 when the Sentinel XS was a sport car instead of a coupé now.

Edited by FR_Player-One
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Untill the property cap is raised by 2 its gonna be a no from me.

Honestly though...i kinda expected a lowriders class to be implemented by now

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I like your idea! But I also think they should add a "Hypercar" class for the Insane "Supercars"

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No classes at all.

Run what you brung.


If someone wants to race an Issi Weenie against a T20 than so be it.

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If any new class will be added. It should be Carmageddon/Twisted metal ish class.


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I'm through with race cars and supers. I might buy a concept car but there is a slew of classics missing from the game.

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