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[XBOX ONE/PC] MALICIOUS INTENTT - Rockstar Games Community

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Sounds cool. I'm personally not into non-contact racing. I like doing contact racing as long as everyone agrees on racing clean and fair. But I hope that people will show interest in your event :)

Edited by HiBerg

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Thanks HiBerg. I appreciate the nice words. :)


My aim with this thread is to provoke interest between members of this forum who enjoy gathering together and showcasing their tuned vehicles in car meets or enjoy a healthy competitive racing experience, with "non contact" conditions in GTA Online on PC platform.


In regards with "Contact" v "Non Contact" racing conditions here's my opinion...


It's understandable why some players prefer racing with "contact" conditions over "non contact", as it ,to some degree, simulates real experience and allows more Motorsport savvy player to apply his race craft knowledge & practices on any given track. I race with "contact" from time to time and it's a lot fun when racers are not lagging and during battles don't have "tunnel vision" & when attempting maneuvers give you room for you not to crash. But unfortunately, that's not always the case. (BTW, this also doesn't apply to just random players, as same incidents happen in organized racing crews). And that's why I believe that to avoid lag & common misunderstandings and to keep controversial situations aside the "non contact" condition is the way to go. Plus, when you're racing with "non contact" condition it allows any player regardless of his or her skill level to take part without worrying about ruining other player's race. And in case something happens during a race which sets you back, you have no one to blame other than yourself and this gives you a chance to reflect and think about what you did wrong and improve going forward.

Edited by VIII_Leo_IIIV

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I'm very interested in this as i used to organize and join meets on PS3 and PS4 :)

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Hey I requested an invite, sound cool what you've been doing since 2013!

Ive been an active player on 360 until lvl 150. I stopped playing because it got boring.


Now that ive got a better pc im on pc with my controller. Loving every moment of the chaos and peace the game brings.

I hope to do some fun stuff with you guys, im normally into races, heists, missions, free roam and meets etc...


hope to see you guys

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Malum In Se

Good day VIII_Leo_IIIV,


I have requested to join your crew via Social Club page. Am a mature player looking to fit into an active crew.


SC: MalumInSe

XB1: Malum In Se (The i in 'In' is actually an L)


Thank you and hope to be part of your crew.

Edited by Malum In Se

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