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The firefighter mission

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I'm so close to finally finishing this game 100%. All I have left is one unique jump and the firefighter mission. I've spent the entire game trying firefighter at different points on both islands and failing. I usually get up to level 6 before the trouble starts, it gave me only 40 seconds to pass level 7 last time. Then one time I got to level 9 before a cop decided to get in my way and then bust me. As aggravating as this has been, I feel like I'm close. As for the unique jump, I guess I'll just watch a video and find that last one, or try them all again just to make sure I got it.

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Lethal Vaccine

I don't really know what to say, but keep trying. This is a given to pass on the first go, depending on what Platform you play on. For instance, on PS2, if I DON'T pass it first try, it's embarrassing as I did something massively stupid which made me not pass it. On Mobile? That's a different story.




As you can see from this Topic and the Photo I took of passing it on Mobile, it wasn't easy and took a LONG time. There is problems in the Mobile Platform where Fire Trucks don't spawn EVER when making a fire, so the only way to get one is by jumping one to the East Island using a Packer as shown in a Video in that Topic I linked. Then just to PASS Level 12? 3 hours may go by. On the Mobile Platform, I have this problem where I run out of time. Furthermore on Mobile, another glitch is present where the Peds on fire CAN'T be knocked down. So once they leave the Vehicle, they go all different directions and run around going ape sh*t. THIS is why it's a troublesome task on Mobile. But PS2? Like I said, there is something desperately wrong with me if I don't pass it.


I am ASSUMING you are playing PC, since everyone and their neighbor seems to only care for PC Versions, but on PC it's like PS2. You can knock the Peds on fire over, and you get plenty of time. So IF you ARE playing on PC, just keep trying. Knowing the Map helps a lot, too. But even knowing the Map, like I definitely do, I still have a very hard time doing this on Mobile. It never gives me enough time and the idiots on fire are running in all different directions. When I passed it on Mobile, I got lucky cuz on Level 12, about 8 Peds on fire ran into the Ocean, which helped me to put them out instantly, basically...

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Yep it's the mobile version! Alright I'll keep trying, maybe I'll get lucky like you and have them all run in the ocean.

Edited by grosso2626

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Lethal Vaccine

Ok, then, excuse what I said. You are NOT doing anything wrong. It's just the sh*tty Mobile Port. It's probably the HARDEST task I ever accomplished on Mobile Platforms, tbh. I have III, VC, SA, LCS, and CW for iOS and have all of them 100%, Special Vehicles, Minimum Stats, Starter Saves, etc, etc, etc, etc...But passing Fire Truck Level 12 in VC on Mobile? The hardest task I ever came in contact with. Not cuz it's hard, but cuz idiot WarDrum Studios f*cked the Port up and have issues like these. THAT'S why it's hard.


Keep trying. You won't regret it in the end. I found it easier on the West Island, but in that Topic I linked you, I did it at the beginning of the game in a 44% Starter Save on the East Island and it was a LOT harder on the East Island, for some reason...

Edited by MetalMilitia89

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If you buy a bluetooth gamepad u will not have that issues, I do every firefighter mission without losing.

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Lethal Vaccine

Essentially making a Mobile Game, a Console Game.


I could use my Wireless PS3 Controller to play III, VC, SA, LCS, and CW on my iPhone 6, but I choose not to for a greater challenge. Not to mention I own all these GTA's (Except CW) on PS2 already and I can use a Controller there. I never understood the need to make a Platform something else. If you don't like Mobile...Don't buy Mobile GTA's...

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I think completing the fire truck missions on GTA VC mobile is virtually impossible. Unlike the console version the fire hose doesn't knock down the people who are on fire, so you have to chase them down one at a time. Also they frequently run places that you cannot take the firetruck in to (like the airport terminal). At best I can get to level 10 or 11 before I run out of time.


Maybe one or two cheats would make it slightly more feasible, but not a guarantee. I absolutely refuse to ever use a cheat unless it's the only way possible. I wish when they did the next update for mobile they could do something about this mission.


I have GTA III mobile at 100% and GTA SA mobile at 100%...Because of this fire truck debacle I have VC mobile stuck at 99% SMH.


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