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I Need HELP !


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I really wanna have fun on GTA Online but I'm dead BROKE on GTA I have Like $100,000 but that's Like Chump Change & it Sucks Cause All I wanna do is buy these new cars at Benny's but NOPE! I gotta grind like I do at my Freakin Real job! Are any kind, fellow GTA V Gamers out there who will play missions with me & help me make a little buck??


Please!!?? I'm on PS4

Edited by slohbur
added ps4 tag
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my daily:


-start friend session

-sell street car

-set timer to 48 minutes

-try to complete 4 missions before timer ends

-Chopper Tail


-Rooftop Rumble

-Trash Talk


at the end of it, I'll have a little under 100k.




tip: Kuruma & Buzzard make getting paid ridiculously easy.

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Ill do missions with you my psn is Orig_Fox, i know how you feel i wanna lowrider as well and im down to 100k, I got a savage helicopter which should help woth missions, no mic and im on Aussie timezone

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Do heists, VIP work as bodyguard, and find rare upgraded cars to sell

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King Rossey

Just play the game man try and have fun, you'll notice your making money in the meantime if that's not working then like most suggest grind easy missions/heists and keep an eye open for 2x $ GTA events

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This Sucks ! Nobody wants to help me & i'm sitting here doing Rooftop Rumble Over & Over, I've got Like 500k now but Damn it gets Boring !


When is Rockstar gonna pull their fingers outta there a$$es & give us a 2x cash bonus like they used to give 2x rp on Red Dead ?!

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