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Trollston Ltd Security Mercs and Intel Crew


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Trollston Ltd is a close community which we are now recruiting for. We are a military themed crew who do paid jobs for:

​Security (eg car meets)

​Mercenary work

Gathering ​Intel

​Crew Wars



​We are looking for people who are:



​On Xbox 1

​Have a mic


​Willing to complete selection training

​We have been born from the ashes of crews like USMC San Andreas, 11th MEU MILSIM and many others. Security training is provided by ex members of Umbrella Corps, a massive car meet security crew. Thank you recruits!

Edited by slohbur
fixed crew link
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  • 3 weeks later...

What a troll. We knew you were trolling with the first one, no need to troll us even harder.

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I'm under 15 and I don't own an Xbox or a mic, I'm unwilling to do any training and I rarely play anymore... but I am interested in joining. What are my next steps?

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The topics made by this crew never fail to amuse me.


sooo. u up for joining?

What does the selection training consist off? i have a purple van with dollar rims, is this perfect for this crew?? i'm also older than 15! Edited by Retired Mafia
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I think Manx has earned his 'New Tryhard Award' Turd, come the next awards season....

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