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is there a glitch to get the heist vehicles into story mode?


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i can get most of the online cars into single player but cant figure out how to do it with the vehicles that have turrets? (insurgent, the new limo, etc)

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There was a glitch via T's garage, not sure if it's working anymore though.

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:\ ive got the armoured versions of online vehicles itno the game via the LSC/race creator glitch, is there a way to put military vehicles into the race?

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ill post a video how to do it via races, ive found a better/shorter way of doing it than the other video ive found , it only allows for vehicles you can choose in the race though, ive gotten several online only bikes and cars doing this method, trying different garages and creators to see if i can get turreted vehicles to go into single player

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Don't advertise the tricks, just saying. The way people openly discuss different ways to glitch stuff from MP to SP is what leads to patching them as soon as Rockstar gets to know.

Best to use hints and discuss secretly using PM's.

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yea, i guess thats true, but why would r* be bothered about patching MP - SP vehicles, im playing alone and not affecting anyone elses gameplay or experience, i managed to get lowriders into single player but cant really customise them to full extent, can get the dash ornament and thats about it

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You have to customise lowriders online before moving them to SP if you want the liveries and extra mods, very expensive. You can't use a Tampa for a race, but if you own one you can, so maybe if you own the armoured limo and others online you can use them in a race.

Edited by CarlitoDorito
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ive tried getting my fully customised lowrider from my online garage into sp using the trevor glitch but it doesnt work :\ the videos are 2 months old for that glitch though so idk if its patched, ive got a buccaneer custom with hydraulics and dash ornaments upgrading it at lsc.

do you know anyways to choose from available vehicles in race to include military grade vehicles?

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