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Skip The Black & White Death Sequence


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Hello, I desperately need a way to either skip the long death sequence every time Niko dies, or maybe just a way to enable the menu during death.


I find it extremely annoying that you can't go to the menu until the whole black and white slow motion death thing is finished. There's got to be a mod out there that fixes this. Anyone?

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Lethal Vaccine

Just like...Don't die...

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Yeah, not dying works. And it isnt a big deal, its only a few seconds.

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American Viking

Don't die or close your eyes until you hear the regular gameplay resume.

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You've got to be in a real hurry if you can't wait to open up the menu in less than 5 seconds... Plus it adds a sense of death, I like to look at the white sky after dying so it seems like I'm "going to the light".

Hey! It's enjoyable! I want to do it right now!

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I'm doing a speedrun of The Most Wanted list, so basically Im running and gunning and dying a hell of a lot. And I have to load every time I die. This has always bugged me I don't know why you have to wait to spawn at hospital to be able to use the menu

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My advice would just be not run and gun because that's what gets you killed. Also can't you press A/X to shorten it? I remember doing that a few times.


I actually really like IV's death sequence though.

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If you are playing on PC then press the left mouse button during the sequence then the sequence will end sooner

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Take care to not Die. Pace yourself better to help keep you out of trouble.

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It really gets annoying after a while watching the death scenes, again and again, trying to copy max payne slow-mo sequence.

I don't remember exactly how to skip it but this should be helpful:

If you die in a certain way, (the player's body is still falling, etc.) the game will continue showing the slow-mo scene until you press the continue button, which skips the scene. Skipping with the button also works when you simply don't want to watch the whole "blackout".

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If you keep dying you either need more practice at free aim or you need to wear armor.


Liberty City - It's like sex. You either love it or you ain't doing it right.

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