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The Wandering Hunter

should I buy a tank?

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I just don't see what you would need a tank for. I have one, but honestly never used it since i got it.


It's something you buy when you have money to throw away, but that's it.

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Wait for a discount. Rockstar is brilliant at slow drip content and every few weeks they'll tie in discounts. It was one of the first Pegasus vehicles I purchased, back when it was a real tank, but in its current form it's a bit of a pile. Don't pay full price.

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Steal one from zancudo to try before you buy. Just go somewhere elevated close to zancudo, and take a single sniper shot at a rhino patrolling the fence. Get one wanted star and next thing you know, they spawn outside the fence.


They're fun for half an hour once in a while, but the weakness of armour combined with the tank icon ruin the fun, and the damage incurred by running over vehicles, make any tank fun very short lived .


Cargobob and tank on other hand can be great fun. With a bounty, even better. You can kill a lot of people before they realise your tank is on a building roof, or with a bounty, that you're in a tank at all.

Exactly how do you kill people on a building roof? You can't aim down you know, and most people are on the ground.

First hanger in the airport, shooting the cars as they jump the ramps by the gate. You can aim down, obviously not straight down, but as angled down as common sense would suggest.


It's a million dollar weapon that folds after 2 or 3 explosive hits, in a world where everybody carries RPGs, grenade launchers and sticky bombs. But if you use your loaf and use it tactically, it's not quite as crap as most seem to think

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It might be weak, but it's still stronger than this poor guy:




If you have some money aside, why not? Go for it. It doesn't look like there's much particularly interesting content coming out any time soon anyway.

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No. You are always in a jet and won't use it.

Have I mentioned I f*cking adore how blatant and assertive you are sometimes?

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"tanks" a lot for asking! you should really buy one to use it on lobbies with no jets.

Edited by Arachne

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I bought mine a long time ago before R* nerfed it, when it was actually a tank. Very rarely use it anymore, more or less to grief the bipolar cops and that's only when I'm bored. Wait until it goes on sale, don't pay full price for a piece of sh*t.

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If you want tank-style griefing where all you do is press a button to kill someone, you're better off using an Insurgent with a sticky bomb attached to the bumper.

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