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GTA Role Play Community


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Los Santos Stories is a fairly new, realistic RP-oriented community. We are not simply one crew, but a few RP crews come together to make for better interaction with each other and the environment, unlike most other RP crews, that use only the environment to RP and little to no player to player interaction. We strive to please and stay in character during our official weekly RP sessions, though we have other RP's in between when a few of our guys just want to get together and goof around.

If you join this community, you will have a choice of one of six factions:

This community also will give you the chance to RP owning businesses and houses you couldn't normally own because of the game itself as well. We do try to keep things realistic however, so a gang banger for example wouldn't own a Banshee, so keep that in mind. This community also incorporates it's own finance system separate from the in-game economy so no you won't have to spend your hard earned in-game cash on upgrades for your RP. This in game economy is kept up with and monitored by the admins of the community. Also each character can have two Traits and Professions or TAP's as we like to call them in LSS to make sure everyone is social with each other. These include:


  • Pilot - Able to fly all allowed aerial vehicles. *NO GANGS*
  • Thief/Hotwire Expert - Able to break into static vehicles and hotwire them. (Players without this trait are only able to hi-jack cars if the keys are in a vehicle already. IE a car that's moving down the street or waiting at lights). Able to break into houses via windows/backdoors to claim goods. Goods claimed can amount to no more than $3000. Night-time only.
  • Mechanic - Able to run an auto-shop and repair cars for money. This could be used in a number of ways, get creative.
  • Paramedic/First-Aid - Able to bring players out of passive mode faster when they’ve been killed. 24 hour cooldown. Paramedics can be used as a civilian profession, and they can use this TAP with no cooldown when working a shift. Alternatively, a gang member could use first aid to “save” a friend.
  • Marksman/Sniper - Able to use long range rifles. Rules apply - They should mainly be used from somewhere with an aerial advantage for realism purposes, not at ground level with the target. Please remain static while shooting too. *NO GANGS*
  • Explosive Expert - Access to sticky bombs and proximity mines. Strict rules apply -They can only be used in a stealth approach. This means they have to be planted manually onto the subject and never thrown! Also, no suicide bombing! - You should be out of sight when detonating, to avoid being ID'd in a realistic way. This is a big crime so the law will be on your back if they can figure out who did it.
  • Assassin - Able to kill during the daytime, 24 hour cooldown. Silencer only. You should try to take out your target with no witnesses. Things should also be done quickly and efficiently. You may not attack more than 3 players at once when using this. If players run from your attack, you cannot chase them..
  • Chemist - Able to cook methamphetamine, cut crack, and produce heroin from raw products such as methylamine, coke & opium poppies.
  • Herbologist - Able to grow marijuana and opium from seeds
So if you're into role playing, and have been looking for a fix on GTA come on down. Forum link is included in teh first sentence of the post.
PS. THough you can join any crew you wish, you will not be allowed to join tthe rp until you are properly registered and participating on the forum.
Edited by Big_Kountry178
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Hey i would love to join this i would really like to be a pilot if i can be my gamer tag is madnessX789

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